Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 7, 2002

Winsted senate candidate missing on campaign trail

By Julie Yurek

Sheila Sudbeck of Winsted is missing in action as a Democratic candidate for District 18 state senator ­ which is the fairly high profile race against incumbent Steve Dille.

Sudbeck moved back to South Dakota for a job a few months ago, said Nancy Larson, the DFL chair.

Sudbeck is no longer a resident of District 18, and is therefore no longer an eligible candidate, said Kent Kieser of the Secretary of State's office.

Neither of the contenders for the District 18 seat, incumbent Dille or Constitution Party candidate Paul Murray, have seen Sudbeck campaigning at public events.

Sudbeck did not attend the DFL endorsement party either, said DFL associate chair Mike Worcester. She was not officially endorsed by the DFL party.

Nevertheless, this will not prevent Sudbeck's name from appearing on the November ballot on behalf of the DFL, according to the secretary of state.

It is too late to remove a name from the ballot, Kieser said.

In fact, if Sudbeck inadvertently wins the election, a special election would be needed to determine who the winner is ­ if she still has a legal Winsted residence, he said.

"It doesn't go to the runner-up, the candidate with the next highest votes," Kieser said.

The special election, which would also require a special legislative session, if needed, would be in January, Kieser said.

"Initially, she expressed interest in the (Tony) Kielkucki race," Worcester said.

However, when Lowell Ueland of Glencoe came forward to challenge Kielkucki, Sudbeck decided to fill the empty DFL seat for the race against Dille, Worcester said.

Sudbeck signed the Minnesota affidavit of candidacy July 10, and gave a Winsted address as her legal address. She did not include campaign contact information.

She lived in Winsted for a few years, but is originally from South Dakota, Larson said.

Sudbeck did not return several phone calls, post office correspondence, and e-mails from the Journal.

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