Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Jan. 28, 2002

New HLWW board begins; search for supt. gets rolling

By Lynda Jensen

The Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted school board reorganized for the new year Tuesday, setting its sights on finding a new superintendent.

The search stems from the retirement of longtime Supertinendent Riley Hoheisel at the end of this school year.

Chairman Jim Raymond took the helm, with former chair Gene Lorentz named as vice chair. Jim Fowler was appointed clerk, and Charles Weber was named treasurer.

The newly appointed negotiation committee, composed of Charlie Borrell, Fowler, and Weber, will develop a plan for choosing the new superintendent. Gene Lorentz will act as an alternate.

Before the committee was appointed, nearly all of the board members expressed active interest in participating closely in the interview process.

Several members expressed thoughts about who should see resumes, and participate in interviews, such as principals and others.

Hoheisel recommended the board come up with set criteria that it feels is important by March 15, so that the process would not become a free-for-all, he said.

The committee's recommendations will be announced March 15, which is the closing date for the position, with interviews to begin after.

In the past, when Hoheisel was selected more than a decade ago, the negotiating committee pared down applications for the superintendent position, and made on-site interviews with the final three or four candidates, Lorentz said.

This committee is the same one that would negotiate a contract with the new superintendent, it was noted.

The Citizens Bank of Waverly was named the official depository for the second of a two-year term for the school, which is normally rotated among the Howard Lake, Waverly, and Winsted communities.

During regular business, Hoheisel reported enrollment numbers of seniors to be down for semester break, although he indicated that some seniors were expected to opt in that may offset this number next month.

Teacher contracts settled

The HLWW board ratified an agreement with the HLWW Education Association for 2001-03.

The total figure increase for each teacher on average was $2,601, or 5.15 percent, for the first year retroactive, said Board Member Charles Weber.

The second year will offer and average increase of $2,039, or 3.84 percent.

"The long-term disability benefit was transferred into their salary and is voluntary," he said. This was requested by the union.

The increase is a better dollar figure than other surrounding schools, Weber noted.

Same-sized schools, with the same numbers of teachers, gave $458 less on average than HLWW, he said.

Buffalo is in binding arbitration now. Maple Lake put out a referendum, which promised an increase of 14 percent during a two-year period to be used for salaries only, Weber said. However, Maple Lake's teachers are receiving a lower dollar figure increase than HLWW teachers, he said.

Weber enjoyed the negotiations, saying they were actually fun."We were very open with them," Weber said of the union negotiators. "They were a joy to work with."

The board adopted an intent to negotiate with the principals' association as well.

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