Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 22, 2002

Opinions expressed on Lester Prairie survey

The following are answers from a community wide survey recently administered to the citizens of Lester Prairie by the city. Answers that made negative comments about private businesses were omitted.

City services: Any changes that should be considered?

· better city hours to accommodate working people

· city offices open longer

· consolidate police/fire with Winsted

· fund for restoring historic buildings

· fix parking lot

· for city this size we do not need so many cops

· keep streets clean

· city cut down our trees without permission

· reduce amount of police

· 1-city manager; 2-county police service

· taxes too high

· maintenance/gravel on alleyways

· appliance recycling/hazardous waste drop

· offices open later in day for working people

· garbage collection

· county cops only

· City Clerk should be at City Hall later than 3 p.m.

· City Manager

· longer hours of city office/for out-of-town worker

· city hall office open later; change trash provider

· city clerk office open later

· reduce amount of city ordinances

· extend city clerk 8:30-5:30

· don't need three policemen

· better police, friendlier, don't play favorites

· police department too large, dollars not spent wisely

· upgrade snow plowing for alleys earlier in a.m.

· longer city office hours

· decreasing or eliminating police department

· eliminate local police

· library/meeting areas

· roads

· better dog and cat control

· four-way stop at bank

· city manager

· Second full-time maintenance man

Other comments:

· plow streets more often

· hold music concerts in summer

· keep city hall office open until 5 p.m.

· sweep all city streets

· school system needs definite attention

· county aided patrol instead of eight police

· better school system and activities associated w/school

· concentrate on downtown city park.

· too many big city rules and ordinances

· storm shelter

· light rail passenger system to Minneapolis

· should have city wide cleanup day

· control juvenile curfew; stricter vandalism punishment

· library downtown

· move co-op/feed mill out of town

· removal of drug dealing in the community

· clean up the dump

· enforcement of blight ordinance

· owners shouldn't be allowed to use lawn for parking

· need storm shelter at mobile home park

· more things for teenagers to be involved in

· downtown offers little and appears trashy and run down

· nothing for kids to do - bike/skate area main st.

· flush hydrants more often

· maintenance/enforcement of blight, garbage, disrepair

· need better quality city water!

· town team baseball

· recreation for school kids

· another bank

· clean sewer manhole traps

· bank intersection is blind intersection

· mail delivery would be great

What does the school do well?

· good teachers

· small classrooms

· spend money

· brings new people to town

· talking with parents

· small classes

· individual attention and music program

· a few good committed teachers

· operate on budget with good foundation

· grades K-6

· athletics and school "closeness"

· sports

· teach

· small class sizes

· wide variety of subjects

· integrates all levels

· prepare kids for further education

· elementary education

· staff knows the students

· extra curricular

· sports program

· hire good teachers

· small class size

· educate students

· curriculum, class size, teacher quality

· good K-6 programs

· teach

· haven't done anything well

· keep classes small

· quality teachers - elementary

· responsible staff and teachers

· small class sizes

· promotes self confidence in kids

· educate children

· notify of deficiency before failing student

· K-6 really well

· small town ownership/independent

· promotes good relations students and faculty

· grounds are clean

· good education/prep for college

· teach the children

· good teaching staff

· good college bound academics

· elementary grades

· good teachers

· educate our children/one on one help

· prepare students for college

· safe environment for children

· offers variety of subjects

· keeping parents involved

· educate

· prep for college

· creates close knit atmosphere

· elementary teaching

· teaches fundamental education

· opportunity to learn different languages; computer access

· covers subject areas well for small school

· elementary

· I'm not satisfied

· elementary teaching staff

· class size

· bring the community together

· small class sizes; students helping students between grade levels

· after school activities

· balanced curriculum to meet needs of students

· overall generally satisfied

· giving our kids the education they need

· educate the kids

· keep the programs here to keep the kids

· great education

· hands-on learning

· sports

· looks to individual children's needs

· very convenient location

· small class sizes

· work with different learning styles in elementary

· lying

· very little

· does well with ethnic diversity

· collect fees

· extracurricular activities

· K-6 certain teachers are great

· small enough for all students to be involved

· more one-on-one here is good

· small class sizes for more one-on-one learning

· literature to parents; communication

· math

· well rounded choice of classes

· very good elementary ed. program

· teaching

· field trips for the kids

· basic education

· good educators

· conceal information from the public

· grade school

· smaller classes, more one-on-one

· accommodating the kids

· big asset to community

· small class size

· nothing

· teach

· complain about space, not enough equipment and shorthandedness

· extra help to kids who need help with reading and math

· offers great education

· everything

· one-on-one with small classes

· with smaller classes, kids get more one-on-one

· teach wide area of subjects

· provide a school

· teach the students

· athletic and industrial arts

· smaller classes, concerts (child interaction)

· elementary education

· personal attention; small classes

· teachers are friendly with students

· student/teacher ratio

· helping kids succeed

· smaller in size

· provides intimate learning environment

· basic classes

· offers many sports and different academic classes

· teach the basics; opportunity for all students to participate

· great K-6 program

· sports

· sports

· overall good education; provide good extracurricular

· good elementary teachers

· teach children

· treating kids well

· one-on-one, small environment

· favoritism

· small class sizes, more one-to-one teaching

· everything

· strong elementary program

· still belongs within our home town; small classes

· puts out good info in the papers re: games, events, and meet the students

· reward kids for good jobs; get parents involved

· small class size; good athletics

· keeps classes small

· educate kids

· good teachers, dedicated dean of students

· K-6 grades

· caring for the kids

What does the school need to improve?

· better equipment

· need more discipline

· bussing/too controversial

· more efficiency

· get new superintendent and dean

· new superintendent

· improve staff involvement

· communication with parents

· need special ed teachers, counselor

· more space, gifted student teacher

· welcome new students better

· more parent involvement

· consolidate

· watch academic program/no missed opportunities

· communication with community

· education, administration, arts activities

· test scores, teacher wages, special learning programs

· athletics, school spirit

· program for gifted children

· develop culture of student achievement

· discipline

· discipline

· discipline

· administration

· older teachers get more involved w/student needs

· discipline

· more technical classes

· public relations

· discipline, band, chorus, gym space, counselor

· college courses

· teach respect of other peoples' property

· improvement - library

· in every area

· parent/teacher communication

· technology and information software

· more computer classes and advanced placement

· discipline and programs

· discipline/enforce rules

· superintendent has no PR skills/work better with staff and community

· arts

· better preschool; teacher involvement; better pay

· 7-12 kids get lost; communication w/parents

· needs new top management

· monitor students better; increase education levels

· more classes for advanced students

· more electives; challenge students better

· update teachers to educate

· after school activities

· full time counselor and principal

· have less sports

· more emphasis on curriculum less on sports

· discipline/listening to kids who aren't in trouble

· creative high school teachers

· class variety

· more technology - computers

· more room - larger class selections

· public relations

· special education

· CPR - courtesy, politeness, and respect

· more room

· discipline

· concerts, plays - sound is terrible

· music program

· very poor library services Sr. high/more computer classes

· Band

· nothing

· family assistance w/problem children

· technology

· punishment reflective on parents for kids' actions

· more programs/involve parents more

· technology, discipline

· identity - no one knows what's coming from LP members

· take students more seriously. Better teachers

· morale and motivation of teachers and students

· consolidation. Advanced classes.

· all programs - our school is behind other schools

· discipline

· gym is dated

· some teachers

· communication

· classes for children

· bigger parking lot

· community support

· gym space, teacher involvement in events - sporting, concerts, etc.

· get the word to people that the school does a good job

· a new superintendent. A vision and discipline in the school.

· discipline kids in trouble

· communication within the system; kids to follow the rules set beginning of year

· getting rid of kids who do drugs and damage thing or get help for them

· more discipline

· communication to public

· nursing needs and playground

· band

· extra curricular programs and classes to keep up with other schools

· keeping the attention of all students so they learn better

· discipline in high school/work with different learning styles in high school

· basic fundamental education, administration, forget frills

· programs to assist children with learning disabilities

· discipline

· needs to promote itself more; students need more hands-on experience

· teachers need to hear and see more; student-student interaction is neglected

· communication w/parents and public; public relations

· need higher standards in vocal music and band

· administration and academic awards

children need to excel in the basics; tougher criteria in those areas

· discipline

· testing for individual students for learning curve

· computer training; variety of classes

· spending money

· discipline

· structure

· communication; selling itself to the public

· discipline; stay in school, not so much running around

· pretty much everything

· teaching one-on-one

· A lot - parental behaviors, poor spending, behavior embarrassing

· technology for high school students; multimedia presentations

· closed lunch period; need a counselor

· more respect for teachers; teachers dress part of teachers

· high school looks need overhaul; student attitudes; respect and sportsmanship

· more teaching and showing how

· more classes

· more topics of education

· more class choices

· communication to parents, career and higher ed. Counseling

· students should not be allowed to leave during school hours

· better teachers

· keep students in school at all times: not running around town

· more challenges for the kids

· sound system

· lack of communication with community and other towns; discipline

· put discipline back in school system; teachers need more authority

· get new teachers

· more materials and new activities

· consolidate; organization; enforcement and respect of rules

· taking children seriously

· more discipline for problem students

· offer computer classes for kids

· some of the older teachers

· quality - teach reading, writing, math etc. in depth

· keep better track of kids during school hours

· program choice selection

· sporting activities

· some high school education; discipline

· more space for students/faculty; more individual help

· physical appearance and condition; build fine arts program; technology

· space

· school board should have children in the school

· self-promotion, community involvement

· more classes offered to kids

· adding space and academic extra-curricular activities

· new excited teachers, get rid of the "old boys" club

· higher level of offerings

· facility

· better public relations

· Communicate and listen to community - example, kindergarten program

· band program

· academics

· better computer programs

· computer lab

· teacher and student communication

· band

· teachers

· teacher/parent relationships; kindness for kids; teachers excited to teach

· offer better classes to ready kids for college

· subjects, teachers

· make students number 1

· keep kids at school to study and eat lunch; no running around town

· consolidate

· offerings at high school level; technology

· involve public more in school decisions

· parking

· consolidate

· parent notification; keep kids in school

· communication with parents; fair treatment of all students/athletes

· discipline

· facilities

· teaching the basics

· communication of plans

· Public relations work; 7-12 grade teachers need to get excited again

· better info on clubs and special events; better communication

· all day kindergarten

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