Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 13, 2002

Appointed township officials take over after write-ins decline

By Julie Yurek

Two appointed candidates assumed the clerk and supervisor positions for Winsted Township recently, following the decline of write-in candidates chosen by voters in April's election.

Susan Goebel and Larry Michaletz were appointed to the township board as clerk and supervisor, respectively, at a special meeting.

This is the first time serving on a township board for Goebel and Michaletz.

However, Michaletz has served on other boards before, he said.

Goebel has experience with secretarial duties, which is similar to some of the duties of township clerk, she said.

Duties include keeping minutes of the meeting, writing drafts of ordinances and resolutions, record keeping, and zoning applications and permits, she said.

Both took their oath that evening. They will fill their positions for one year, until the next election in March 2003, Goebel said.

Peggy Sullivan and Anthony (Tony) Hausladen were declared the write-in winners after the election March 11.

Sullivan and former clerk Nina Stifter tied for the clerk position, and after a coin toss, Sullivan was declared winner.

"Neither Peggy nor Tony filed for the positions, so they were under no obligation to accept," Stifter said.

Sullivan and Hausladen had until the end of March to take their oath of office. When they did not, the position became open, Stifter said.

"All the write-in candidates were contacted, and all declined," Stifter said.

The two remaining supervisors appointed Goebel and Michaletz to the clerk and supervisor position at the special meeting.

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