Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 27, 2002

Living memorial made to Christopher Bebo

By Ryan Gueningsman

He may be gone, but he will definitely never be forgotten.

Last fall, five-year old Christopher Bebo of rural Silver Lake was helping his grandfather in the field. While riding on the tractor, he fell off when the tractor hit a bump, and was accidentally run over and killed.

Now his classmates, who will soon be graduating from kindergarten at Holy Trinity, have decided to do something to keep his memory alive. They planted "Christopher's Tree."

Christopher loved the outdoors and always wanted to be outside, Bebo's kindergarten teacher Rosie Hertel said last fall.

The remembrance was organized by Brenda Lachermeier, Mary Jo Horstmann, Loretta Lundquist, and Christopher's older brother Cody's third grade teacher Connie Kozitza.

"Most of Christopher's classmates were there to take their turns shoveling some dirt onto the tree," Horstmann said. "They did a prayer and a few songs, too."

The shovels used to plant the sugar maple tree belonged to Cody and Christopher.

"The kids enjoyed using something that Christopher used, and Tom and Joann were very appreciative of everything, as well," Horstmann said.

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