Herald JournalWinsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 19, 2002

Winsted has several development projects on the go

By Julie Yurek

The steady hum of development is reverberating through Winsted as new and existing projects roll along.

The growth is pleasing, and the city is being careful to strike a balance between housing and industry, commented Mayor Don Guggemos.

If there is housing, a city will look attractive to industries, and if there is work, people can live closer to their jobs, Guggemos said.

To accommodate this, there are four separate housing developments that are in different phases of development.

Three of the four, Winsted on the Lake, Pheasant Run Second Addition, and Golden Gates Estates, are either completed or in the process of being built.

The fourth, Grass Lake Farm, is in its conceptual stage, but if everything goes according to plan, it will substantially add to Winsted's residential base.

As for incoming industry, the industrial park is attracting more businesses with the addition of two more businesses, Waste Management and Herald Journal Publishing, which will join RAM Buildings at the park. The new facility will serve as the center for Waste Management's operations in the west metro area.

Waste Management broke ground in July, and a completion date is set for November.

The company expects to employ about 105 full-time employees at the site.

Also planning to join Waste Management in the industrial park is Herald Journal Publishing, which publishes the Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal.

In order to support the housing and industry growth, the city extended Main Avenue West, past the current Waste Management site, west of McLeod County Road 1.

This extension will serve as an access into Grass Lake Farm.

Below is a list of Winsted developments that are in progress:

Old City Hall

Formally dedicated in 1896, the historic Winsted City Hall is now under a complete renovation.

Todd Colonna purchased the building from the city and will be doing extensive work to both the interior and exterior of the building.

Upon completion, the main level will consist of shops and offices, with an apartment situated on the upper level.

Winsted on the Lake

Scenic Homes has begun work on its latest phase of Winsted on the Lake, which will consist of 22 new-single-family lots. These new lots are situated on the bluff overlooking Winsted Lake and the downtown area. Winsted on the Lake has a wide variety of housing options including twin homes, town homes, and single-family.

Grass Lake Farm

Winsted is currently processing a preliminary plat request for "Grass Lake Farm."

This subdivision will consist of 159 single-family homes. The property is located on the western edge of the city, south of Main Avenue West.

Pheasant Run 2nd Addition

Juncewski Construction finished work late last fall on a seven-unit townhome complex on Linden Avenue.

Golden Gate Estates

Limitless Development has developed 13 townhome units for senior housing adjacent to Northgate Estates.

Waste Management

Waste Management has begun construction of an 18,000 plus square foot facility in the Winsted Industrial Park.

It will serve as a hub for Waste Management's operations in the west metro area. Waste Management expects to employ about 105 full-time employees at the site.

Herald Journal Publishing

The City of Winsted and Herald Journal Publishing are currently discussing an agreement, which would move the company to the industrial park.

The proposed site is just west of the new Waste Management facility, along County Road 1.

The facility would combine all of the newspaper's operations in one location, although Herald Journal would continue to have an office in Howard Lake as well.

Winsted Industrial Park

Completion of infrastructure improvements at the Winsted Industrial Park is nearly finished.

With Waste Management's building under construction and the Herald Journal's re-location in progress, the industrial park is growing well.

There are several prime lots available in the park, which have generated significant interest in and around the community.

Questions, regarding the lots in the industrial park should be directed to City Administrator Brent Mareck at (320) 485-4718.

Main Avenue West corridor

The city will shortly complete work on the extension of Main Ave West.

In conjunction with Waste Management's move to the industrial park, the city will own the property situated at the corner of Main Ave West and McLeod County Road 1. The property will be redeveloped into a less intense use.

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