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April 21, 2003
Pastor's Column

Revival is God's glory and grace

By Kevin Opatz, Good News Church, Howard Lake

During our time together we will continue learning valuable steps to spiritual revival.

Revival is the breath of God's heaven exhaled upon the earth in the form of God's glory and grace. It's when our hearts are truly satisfied with the presence of God.

In revival, God will progressively purify, refine, and impower His people. It begins among God's people but affects society as well.

An initial phase of revival is humility. Humility is the opposite of pride, which is self-centered. A God-centered person operates their life humbly. They throw themselves on the mercy of God [e.g."God be merciful to me a sinner."Lk.18:13b].

A second step is prayer. If our desire is revival, we must pray in desperation. Pray like our lives depend upon it, because it very well may.

The third element of revival is seeking God's face. The greatest good is to know God and stand in His presence.

Psalm 27:8 literally commands us to seek the face of the Lord. Like a child maturing into a new relationship with his parents, God wants us to know Him.

He wants us to be in touch with the Father's will and begin to think and act like the Father. To seek God's face is the restoration of the Genesis bond between God and man.

Our next teaching will cover the final three ingredients of revival; turning from our wicked ways, unity and perseverance.

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