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Sept. 15, 2003 Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

God's timetable is perfect for every situation in our lives

By Rev. Kevin Opatz, Good News Church, Howard Lake

In the 13th chapter of Numbers, God's people are presented with a number of principles designed to lead them into their promised land.

The first principle shows the appointed leadership of God help release God's word to His people. If we know God, and the leadership we're relating with does also, we can regularly expect God to speak to us through them. Our spirit bears witness with His spirit that a word from God has been delivered.

Second, God's people were told to "spy out the land of Canan." This was the physical place His people were to occupy and possess. We all have physical places God wants to place us. He also has spiritual dimensions or levels He wants us to go to, understand, and possess.

We must understand these physical and spiritual places God has called us to, and obey in going, To not identify these places, or refusal to enter them, can lead to delay or denial of our destiny.

Third, there is a timing to our obedience in God. God has times and seasons for doing things with and for His people. Unless God sends, don't go to receive what is being sent. Ecclesiastes says there really is a time and season for everything.

Fourth, God connects us relationally with others. This accomplished by a variety of options. He may want us to listen to their counsel so that we might obey Him more fully. The involved parties may corporately unite to discover God's will and word together. God may even put us with company to test our discernment and faith by leading others in God's appointed will. The latter is exactly what happened with Joshua and Caleb. Be acutely aware of the company you keep.

In verse 17 Moses said, "Go up this way . . ." There is a way and ways of the Lord. We may have the correct place, time, and people God has assigned us, but if the timing is wrong, the timing is wrong. Wait until you perceived God is "on time" before you proceed.

God also has an attitude with which we should progressively walk out His strategies. The 20th verse says, "Be of good courage." God wanted the Israelites to see the land physically in order to test them spiritually. What they saw in the promised land was their possession. God said so. The visual obstacles perceived were only relevant in their minds, not God's.

The word of God to them should have produced God's mind on the matter. We can and must have the mind of Christ to obey as Christ obeyed. The fruit given and taken by Israel's leaders during their spying was to build their faith according to God's word. It was to help them realize what God said God meant. It still works that way with God today.

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