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Nov. 24, 2003 Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

What is the meaning of 'The End?'

By Rev. Leland Bendix, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Annandale

The End.

These are the words at the end of a story, a play, a movie; why is it used for the title of this article?

According to the church calendar we are at the end of the church year and it is time to talk about The End.

In the lessons for the season, you will hear passages from scripture that deal with the end of time, the second coming of our Lord, and all the signs that go with it.

It is fascinating to take a look into the portions of scripture that speak of the end times and try to understand the meanings of the symbolic language that is used.

Along with these there are the sure words of Scripture, and even those of Christ that tell us of the things that will take place just before His return.

The picture is surely not one of peace, but rather, the very opposite. Wars and rumors of war; kingdom against kingdom and nation against nation; brother against brother and parent against child and child against parent.

Earthquakes, famine, violence, people living in and boasting of their sins, and persecution of Christians will be prevalent in the world. Sounds like the world today, doesn't it?

The signs of the times is to help us know that the time is short for us to get the Good News of Jesus Christ and Him crucified out to all so that they might find in Him the salvation of their souls.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)

It is only in Christ who paid for our sins that we have hope, the assurance of life everlasting through faith in Him. It is through the Word of God that the Holy Spirit works to create fuith in the hearts of those who hear.

It is this Gospel message that Jesus states in Mark chapter 13 "must be preached to all nations." Have you heard? Do you believe?

If so, share your faith in Christ with others. If not, find a church and talk to the pastor, tell him that you want to know about Christ and what He has done for you. Are you ready for The End?

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