Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 14, 2003

Borrell indicted for false advertising

Rep. Dick Borrell was indicted on two counts of false political campaign advertising Friday.

His next court date will be Friday, May 23, with an omnibus hearing scheduled at that time, said Meeker County Attorney Michael Thompson.

A grand jury assembled to hear testimony from witnesses March 25 and 26 in Buffalo. The grand jury determined there was enough evidence to bring Borrell to trial.

False political and campaign material is a gross misdemeanor, which carries a maximum $3,000 fine, and/or one year in jail, or both.

According to Minnesota statute 211B.06, a person is guilty of a gross misdemeanor who intentionally participates in the preparation, dissemination, or broadcast of paid political advertising or campaign material with respect to the personal or political character or acts of a candidate, or with respect to the effect of a ballot question, that is designed or tends to elect, injure, promote, or defeat a candidate for nomination or election to a public office or to promote or defeat a ballot question, that is false, and that the person knows is false or communicates to others with reckless disregard of whether it is false.

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