Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 30, 2003

Military Bronze Star awarded to local woman's grandson

By Lynda Jensen

Major Scott Watson, grandson of Catherine Anderson of Howard Lake, was recently awarded the Bronze Star medal for his actions in helping to collect "suspected chemical and biological warfare agents," in Iraq during his tour of duty there, according to his certificate.

Watson lives in Rockford and is expected to return home soon from serving Operation Iraqi Freedom, said Daryll Stenberg of Howard Lake, who is a relative of Watson's. Mary Stenberg of Howard Lake is Watson's aunt.

A military ceremony in the field was conducted June 18 to honor Watson.

Watson is part of the 75th Exploitation Task Force. His term of active service started Feb. 24, 2001, going until July 26, 2003.

"He's been there since before it started," Daryll Stenberg said.

"It still appears that we are on track to return the first week of August," Watson commented via e-mail.

The certificate reads:

"The Bronze Star medal (is awarded to) Major Scott Watson, 75th Exploitation Task Force, for exceptionally meritorious service while assigned as an officer in charge and lead subject matter expert of the chemical and biological intelligence support team Charlie in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Major Watson collected suspected chemical and biological warfare agents, exploited sensitive sites and conducted high-risk human intelligence operations.

His actions contributed to the success of the mission. Major Watson's performance reflects district credit upon himself the 75th Exploitation Task Force, and the United States Army."

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