Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 10, 2003

Winsted woman in trouble for dogs, again

By Ryan Gueningsman

Claudell Grundstrom of Winsted is in trouble again with her dogs ­ this time for running an advertisement in the Star Tribune trying to sell Yorkshire terriers from her home that she was not supposed to have there in the first place.

Because of a previous violation in which 18 dogs were impounded from her home in October, Grundstrom was not allowed to have dogs at her home in Westgate until it had been inspected, determined it was clean, and that she met the city's dog ordinance.

Some of the impounded dogs were left in the care of Gerald Mattson. On Jan. 20, Grundstrom and her son picked up the dogs that Mattson had in his possession ­ six adult dogs and five puppies, according to a complaint for misdemeanor. Mattson stated that Grundstrom loaded the dogs into the taxi she was riding in.

Grundstrom's taxi left in one direction, and her son left in the other direction, according to the complaint.

One month later, Mattson saw an ad in the Star Tribune selling Yorkshire terriers and listed Grundstrom's phone number and home address as the contact. Mattson alerted the Winsted Police Department.

The department obtained a copy of the ad running in the Star Tribune, and had City Administrator Brent Mareck call the number listed.

According to the complaint, Mareck spoke with a woman named Claudell who stated that he could see the dog at her house in Westgate. Grundstrom went on to give detailed directions on how to get to her house.

Based on this information, police obtained a search warrant and searched Grundstrom's residence.

"We found three adult Yorkshire terriers and one puppy," said Winsted Police Chief Mike Henrich. This meets the city's ordinance. However, none of the dogs were licensed, and the property had not been inspected.

For this violation, Grundstrom is charged with one count of unlicensed dogs, which bears a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or $700 fine.

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