Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 18, 2003

Waverly, Montrose fire depts. awarded grants

By Lynda Jensen

Substantial equipment grants were recently awarded to both the Waverly and Montrose fire departments by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Waverly was approved for $100,000 and Montrose was approved for $43,596, according to both departments.

The grants are set up as matching arrangements, which means that 90 percent is contributed by the government and 10 percent by the local department. The money must be used within one year.

This means that both departments must raise 10 percent of the amounts awarded, or $10,000 for Waverly and $4,844 for Montrose.

Waverly received more because it asked for more, Karels said.

"They must have figured we needed it," Karels said.

The flooding last year probably helped, too, he added.

The government will not allow the fire departments to purchase vehicles or buildings with the money, commented Waverly Fire Chief Mark Karels.

Permitted expenses include extrication equipment and gear, such as helmets, boots and other items, Karels said. This is the plan for Montrose as well, Montrose Chief Mike Marketon said.

The amounts are being included in the budgets for both departments.

Waverly planned to increase its assessments this year to the city and townships if it didn't receive the grant, Karels said. "It won't raise for a while," he added.

There are 20 members on the Waverly department and 28 members on the Montrose department.

The grant is part of a program from the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate in the area of Fire Operations and Firefighter Safety.

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