Herald JournalHerald Journal, Sept. 29, 2003

Brandon Fiecke helps fire victims to earn his Eagle Award

By Julie Yurek

Dedication, persistence, and hard work helped Brandon Fiecke of Winsted earn his Eagle Scout Award recently.

Fiecke, 18, son of Steve and Pam Fiecke, received the award during a ceremony at Holy Trinity Church Sept. 14.

More than 180 people were in attendance, including members of the Winsted Fire Department, State Rep. Tony Kielkucki, and Mayor Don Guggemos.

Fire department member Brad Millerbernd, Kielkucki, and Guggemos all spoke at the ceremony.

Fiecke also received letters from Bishop John Nienstedt, the Marine Corps, the Navy, Senators Mark Dayton and Norm Coleman, Governor Tim Pawlenty, and President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, among others.

Besides being given the Eagle Award, Fiecke was also given a plaque for outstanding community service and providing assistance to those in need from the fire department.

In order to receive the coveted Eagle Award, a Scout must complete a service project that requires more than 40 hours and have at least 21 merit badges. Fiecke has 27.

The project he chose was to help a family in need. Originally, he had plans to ask Fr. Paul Wolf of Holy Trinity Church for recommendations, but it was Marietta Neumann of Winsted who suggested the Keith and Justine Damlow family. The family was a victim of a house fire last September.

It turned out that the Damlows and Fieckes only lived about half a mile apart.

Fiecke contacted the family, and his project began in September and ended in December when he presented the family with more than 12 large boxes of household items that were received at the donation shower that Fiecke hosted in November.

He had to plan and schedule activities and document every activity, donation, and person that was related to the project.

Fiecke has been in the Scouts for 12 years. He has worked as a staff member at the Stearns Scout Camp near Annandale for four years, and plans to return this summer after his high school graduation.

He participated in as many as three campouts per year, and he may assist with future campouts now that he is an Eagle Scout.

He has not decided what his plans are after graduation, he said.

Boy Scout Troop 399 Eagle Scouts

Tom Moore 1957

Rick Habisch 1982

Jamie Gutzmann 1983

Alan Millerbernd 1983

Marty Schmitt 1983

Michael Kremer 1986

Paul Kremer 1988

Terry Habisch 1988

Josh Knott 2002

Brandon Fiecke 2003

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