Herald JournalHerald Journal, Dec. 29, 2003

Borrell found with gun at airport

By Lynda Jensen

A loaded pistol found in the luggage of Rep. Dick Borrell during an airport check Dec. 20 resulted in a misdemeanor charge being brought against him.

Police at Minneapolis International Airport arrested Borrell after airport screeners found the weapon in his carry-on bag.

Borrell told police that he forgot the weapon was inside the bag, which he used frequently for road trips.

Borrell had a lawful permit to carry the handgun.

He told the Star Tribune that he has carried a pistol for 15 years for self protection but has "never had occasion to use it."

Borrell was handcuffed at the airport, and charged with failing to inform airport security of the pistol. The pistol was seized.

He was allowed to continue his trip on a later flight.

A Feb. 12 hearing was set for the misdemeanor charge in Hennepin County District Court.

Borrell was elected as the representative for District 19B last year. He was indicted in March by a grand jury on gross misdemeanor charges of false political advertising about Republican opponent, John Knight.

His trial is set Monday, Jan. 5 in Wright County District Court at Buffalo.

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