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Vintage photographs still coming in for HL history book

By Lynda Jensen

Beautiful old-time photographs have rolled in for the Howard Lake history book, but more would be welcome.

So far, more than 200 photos have been received, with about half of these going into the book, commented established author Kirk Besse, who is writing it.

"I'm trying to get more information on the movie theater, the Howard Lake bands, and band concerts," Besse said. He is particularly interested in the 1940s and '50s.

"Where did the local kids go for dances, outside of school events?" he asked.

Besse is also wondering who was the first person to own a television in Howard Lake, and if there was a shop that sold or serviced televisions and record players.

In addition, the newspaper is interested in doing side stories that are about neighboring township subjects or other subjects not necessarily related to the history book.

Cokato resident Bill Fiedler is also wondering if anyone has a photograph or knowledge of the orange and white airplane beacon that was located between Howard Lake and Winsted.

The Rausch family provided Besse with a box full of photos documenting Howard Lake history. In addition, a wide range of photos have been turned into the newspaper office, spanning time from the turn of the century to the recent past.

Here is a partial sample of photos received:

Gordon Diers' pictures

Diers turned in several photos, including:

- the scrap metal drive during World War II (see thermometer taken in 1942 photo).

- the power house in 1919, which was located across from the motel, by the creamery.

Diers also turned in several lumber pictures and photos of a barn being built for August Farchmin.

Don Gutzke's pictures

Gutzke turned in several more photos in addition to a batch several months ago.

Several date from the 1940s and '50s of main street everyday life in Howard Lake.

In fact, Gutzke is working on a 1940s drawn map of main street with friend Mike Mitchell, which will detail businesses that served the community.

Two photos include groups of children, one at the northwest corner of the public school (shown at right), and another near the pool hall.

Shoreline from water - a photo of a wooden boat near the old boat houses at the south end of Howard Lake.

Boy with dog - a young photo of Don Gutzke in 1943. In the background can be seen an empty lot and the house still standing kittykorner from the bank.

Players - Otto Gutzke and Cub Radde in 1943.

Busses - a photo of Howard Lake High School busses lined up in 1958 or1959.

Football - a photo of the first ever Howard Lake High School football team.

Girls in canoe - taken in June 1939 on the western part of Howard Lake.

Van Urdon school, Middleville Twp., District 100 - school children from 1912 in front of Van Urdon school, which is now a grove of trees northwest of Howard Lake.

Mary Berg Westphal

Schoolchildren - 1929. Identification is attached.

Bill Scheer's photos

School children '39-40 - It took three tries printed in the newspaper to get all the names.

Amazingly, Jay Gilmer could remember almost everyone.

The names are: front ­ Gilmer, Kay Lundeen, Neil Graeling (sp?), Mavis Rauschendorfer, William Scheer, Ardis Klucas, Sharron Ferrell, Thomas Eddy, Doris Tonsberg, Ellen Miller, Arlene Arnold; second row ­ Betty Lou Snyder, Gertrude Dake, Arnold Hechsel, Dick Pillsbury, Everett Smith, Marjory Sheppard, Valoris Munson, Arlene Rasmussen, James Eddy, and Charles McCalla; and back ­ Don Williams, Ed Ferrell, Joanie Oberg, Leona Rohm, Helen Heuer, Gene Diers, Donna Bowers, John Eddy, William Fisher, teacher Mrs. Neuman (sp?).

Mavis Scheer's photos

Scheer with Princess Kay - This is a photo of the late Gaylin Scheer in 1965 with Princess Kay of the Milky Way Karen Bracken of Verdi. Scheer won grand champion at the state fair for 100 percent butter in 1965.

Thelma (Elfman) Mellin

Glee Club '36 - Taken in '36-37.

Dutch Lake '26-27 - Dutch Lake country school. Turned into a house now. Picture is by a wood shed. Teacher Miss Davis, who married Rueben Diers.

Dutch Lake '27-28 - Dutch Lake country school, one year later.

St. James kids - 1930.

Vickie Berg

Luhman '51 - a photo of builder Eldon Luhman, who did many building jobs in the area.

Play - Junior class play Dec. 10, 1936. See attached for names.

Fair '50s - Taken at the Wright Co. Fair about early '50s. Mom, Dad, Paul, Hannah, John, Bernard Kathryn Luhman, Alfred Luhman, Pastor and Mrs. Milinst?, Harold Stelzer school principal (see photocopy of this).

Horse/wagon - in early 1940s or late '30s at Victor Narr farm, north of HL, County 6. Victor being on the rack raising his hat. Threshing machine behind the horses and rack. The threshing machine owned by Walter Zander who did the threshing for that neighborhood of farmers.

Mary E. Westphal of Baxter

Play cast '37 - Howard Lake high school senior class play cast, "Not quite such a goose." Front row, Richard Bushey, Charlotte Stewart, Harold Hausladen, Vivian Linn McMorrow. back row, Dorothy Workman Mitchell, Robert Sexton, Verna Frank Mulvaney, Clause Learned, Loren Justus, Lorraine Yager Wood, Dolores Hildebrandt Brown, Gerald Zander, Herbert Venske, DeLight Bloom, Ardis Robinson Munson, Mary Berg Wesphal, Norman Cochran, Murl Cochran Sexton, Fern Diers Johnson, George Jones.

Romeo Oestreich

Dredging 1907, Twelve Mile creek south of Howard Lake, DF Merg & Sons dredging machine.

Ella May Dahlberg

Schoolchildren '27 - a photo of school children

Floyd and Lillian Munson

School board - a photograph of the Howard Lake school board, with Supt. L.B. Olson in the photo. The date is unknown.

Members of the Historical Society are hoping the book will be done by 2004, when the Howard Lake City Hall building turns 100.

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