Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 11, 2003

Howard Lake part of metro calling area Dec. 3

By Lynda Jensen

Metro calling will take effect Wednesday, Dec. 3 for Howard Lake callers, said Sprint representative Karyn Gibson.

"That's when the billing will change and everything," Gibson said.

For local callers with 543 numbers, it means most of the Twin Cities area will be counted local rather than long distance, she said. It also means their basic phone bills will go up about $10.24 per residential line or $20.50 for business lines.

Previously, about two-thirds of Howard Lake callers voted to add the metro area into the local calling exchange, which was announced by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Howard Lake callers approved the extended area service by a vote of 58.9 percent. The commission conducted the voting from Aug. 21 to Oct. 2.

Since Howard Lake was added, Taylor Falls and Maple Lake have gone through the process to add metro calling, Gibson said.

Winsted submitted a petition and may vote on metro calling as early as February.

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