Herald JournalHerald Journal, Sept. 8, 2003

Howard Lake proposed levy is increased 11.41 percent

By Lynda Jensen

Cuts in state aid and the remodeling of the new city office building (the former Security Bank building), increased the proposed Howard Lake levy by 11.41 percent.

Remodeling the city office building will amount to about $300,000; with the city bonding for payments on this amount.

Cuts in local government aid will amount to about $90,000, commented Administrator Kelly Bahn.

The budget reflects a transfer in of $80,000 from the liquor store.

This figure can be lowered but not raised, according to state law, once it is turned into the county by the deadline of Sept. 15.

The levy did not pass without disagreement, since Council Member Terry Ostgulen made a motion to go with the lowest of four options presented by Bahn for the council to choose from.

Option number one and two proposed an increase of 4.69 percent and 10.71 percent respectively, minus the remodeling expense. The difference is a liquor store transfer, with one being proposed at $80,000, what is usually transferred each year, and second one being proposed with $40,000, which is usually the amount budgeted.

Options three and four reflected a bond payment for the city office remodeling, with three showing the $80,000 transfer and four the $40,000 transfer.

Ostgulen's motion to adopt the first option died for lack of a second.

Option three was passed with Ostgulen voting against it, and council members Tom Kutz, Don Danford, Shelly Reddemann and Mayor Gerry Smith voting in favor.

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