Herald JournalHerald Journal, Dec. 29, 2003

NG lift station plans nearly done

By David Cox

Plans for a new lift station and force main are nearly done, according to discussion at the New Germany City Council meeting Wednesday.

The plans include construction of a new lift station in a new location, and construction of a 10" force main from the lift station to the base of the dike, noted city engineer Kreg Schmidt.

At that point, the new force main will enter the existing six inch force main entering the ponds.

Schmidt cited concerns over leakage as the reason for not running the new force main directly into the ponds.

"We will need additional temporary and permanent easements for this project," Schmidt said. "The next step will be to sit down with the property owners and discuss the easements."

Schmidt told the council that he would have revised cost estimates at the second January meeting.

At that time, he will request authorization to advertise for bids for the project. The bids will be awarded in March.

"You will need to line up the financing," Schmidt told the council, and added that the council will need to decide whether to use a 429 bond or a sewer revenue bond.

"A 429 bond would be the most beneficial and the least risky for the city," Schmidt said. "With this type of bond the city would begin receiving revenue right away when the project is completed."

The city could impose a 20 percent assessment for lateral benefits, and assess the property owners for hookups along the right-of-way, Schmidt said.

The city will also have to run three-phase power to the new lift station and provide an emergency power generator at the site, Schmidt told the council.

The council approved a motion authorizing Schmidt to move forward with negotiations for the necessary easements and have final plans ready by the Wednesday, Jan. 21 meeting.

The council approved a final levy amount of $128,962 for 2004. This represents a 9.9 percent increase.

City Clerk Shelly Quaas noted that there had been a slight decrease in the levy last year.

Quaas gave the council a report on sewer and water revenue. The year-to-date revenue for water is $30,195 and for sewer is $23,840.

The monthly figures for water show a slight increase starting in October when the new rates went in to effect.

"These figures do not include delinquent bills which have been certified to go on next year's taxes," Quaas said. "We had over $4,000 in delinquent bills which is the highest we have ever had."

Public works employee Jim Borka told the council that the pipe that runs under the sidewalk from one of the new downspouts is already backed up with ice. He expressed concern over possible damage to the downspout if the ice continues to build up.

Borka explained that the problem is the result of the way the system is set up.

The downspouts are six inches in diameter, but are reduced to a two- or three-inch PVC pipe which runs under the sidewalk.

Borka suggested removing the PVC pipe and forming a piece of tin to line the channel under the sidewalk to allow greater water flow.

The council authorized Borka to make necessary repairs to the pipe to prevent damage.

Odds and ends

The council approved soft drink licenses for Steve's Auto and for the fire department, and commercial club.

The council passed a motion approving the new liquor ordinance.

Jim Pawelk told the council that snowmobiles have been driving through town on private property.

Quaas will contact local snowmobile clubs to ask for their help in getting the word out that snowmobiles should stay on marked trails.

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