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June 2003 stories

June 30

On the anniversary of last year's flood, it rained

Military Bronze Star awarded to local woman's grandson

Local law enforcement thoughts on the conceal and carry law

Millerbernd Manufacturing's pole standing tall for 30 years

St. John's Lutheran of Winsted plans expansion

Compost site: some ruin it for many

St. Mary's Church trying its luck with car raffle

Naturopath specialist says 'heal the cause' in medicine

June 23

No carnival at Longhorn Days

Borrell's court case moving forward

HLWW seeking $47.7 million bond, $661,041 levy

Pumps give Howard Lake City Council a headache

Is sustainable ag sustainable?

Winsted may get own cable channel

LP board hears from Kielkucki; approves 03-04 budget

June 16

Behind the scenes at Winstock

Suspect captured at local motel

HT grad Jermey Kucera ordained as deacon

LP continues with city hall remodeling project

Buzzing the skies in Howard Lake in the 1940s

Residents, Montrose council discuss storm sewer easements

Lester Prairie police get computer to find missing kids

June 9

Single campus plan get support from HLWW school board

Winsted council likes 4-way stop, but county would have to agree

Interview with Sara Evans

Winstock ready for 10th anniversary

A look back to Howard Lake in 1942

New Germany declines sharing wastewater plant with Mayer

Lakers headed to state for first time ever in baseball

June 2

Are you ready to polka?

Memorial Day observed in local communities

Borrell hearing continued

 'Nature' is theme for new garden center, Cattail Corner

Officer likes small town atmosphere

After season of fundraising, LP pool ready to open

Countdown to Winstock, part 2

Remember the UFOs of the 1940s?

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