Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 17, 2003

Lester Prairie get a proposed $40,000 cut to budget

By Julie Yurek

Creative ways to cut $40,000 from the City of Lester Prairie's budget are being considered by council members.

The announcement of the cuts was made at last Monday's meeting.

The city received its proposed cuts from local government aid, said City Clerk Marilyn Pawelk.

The city is looking to lose $39,134 for 2003, and $74,355 in 2004, she said.

"We don't have a budget with a lot of fat," council member Ron Foust said.

"We never have," Pawelk agreed. "I don't know that anybody has the fat to work with."

Mayor Eric Angvall suggested spreading the $40,000 cuts among all funds that are eligible.

"Everything is on the chopping block," Pawelk said.

"We each need to look at our areas (of responsibility) and see what can be cut," Foust said.

Pawelk stressed to the council the importance of sticking to each person's area of responsibility.

"You all know your areas the best. You don't know what the others have going on in theirs," she said.

Decisions regarding where to cut will be discussed at the April meeting.

Crowd attends annexation hearing

Half a dozen residents attended the meeting to ask questions regarding annexation of 92 acres from Bergen Township into the City of Lester Prairie, which the council approved after hearing residents' questions and concerns.

The property is on the east side of McLeod County Road 9 and north of the railroad tracks. Owners of the property are Roger and Katherine Krienke and Linda and Duane Plath.

A few residents inquired about the use of the property. Plans for a city wildlife park and a housing development owned by Lenny and Linda Juncewski are being looked at.

A resident questioned where the entrance would be for the development. It may be on either the west or south side of the development, said council member Larry Hoof.

One man questioned water runoff. "Engineering would have to look at that," Angvall said.

"What kind of homes will be going there?" one woman asked.

Juncewski indicated single family homes and townhomes would be going in, Angvall said.

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