Herald JournalHerald Journal, May 19, 2003

LP council member reports harassment about pool issue

By Julie Yurek

Troublesome e-mails and phone calls to Lester Prairie City Council Member Michele Anderson were brought to the attention of the rest of the council at last Monday's meeting.

Anderson described the most recent phone call she received May 10. The caller questioned Anderson about the ice rink lights, Christmas decorations, and the painting of the bathhouse at the pool, she said.

The caller told her that she is making enemies in town, asked her what right she had in painting over the bathhouse mural since she wasn't even born in Lester Prairie, and told her to pack her things and go back to where she came from, Anderson said.

The caller told Anderson "to watch her back," she said.

The caller mentioned he had spoken with Mayor Eric Angvall, and that either she or he was lying to the caller, Anderson said.

Angvall confirmed that he and the caller had spoken that day.

"This has got to stop," said council member Rollie Bruckschen.

Angvall asked Police Chief Bob Carlson, who was attending the meeting, what constituted harassment.

"A pattern," Carlson said.

Carlson recommended that Anderson file for a harassment restraining order.

Bruckschen suggested that the restraining order included all city employees.

The council supported Anderson and advised her to talk to legal counsel.

Angvall said he has not heard any negative comments about Anderson or what she is doing for the pool, he said.

"She doesn't deserve it," said council member Larry Hoof.

"That mural wasn't the original. It had been touched up and added to," said City Clerk Marilyn Pawelk.

Anderson asked Art Schwichtenberg about painting the bathhouse and he OK'd it, she said.

Schwichtenberg was instrumental in the construction of the pool 38 years ago and last year he donated $80,000 towards refurbishing the pool.

Possible new retail business for LP

Mark Garbers of Silver Lake addressed the council about his intent on opening a retail and processing meat shop north of Angvall's Hardware.

Garbers asked the council if it would forgive the approximate $22,000 assessment on the property, which the council approved.

He also requested purchasing 40 feet of the city lot adjacent to the proposed building site. He will maintain and clean his portion of snow in winter, he said.

The council agreed to sell the parking lot for $1, contingent on Garbers purchasing the adjacent lot for his building. Garbers will have nine months to build in order for the assessment to be forgiven.

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