Herald JournalHerald Journal, May 5, 2003

Neumann has memories after 26 years at library

By Julie Yurek

Many friends and family came to wish Marietta Neumann a happy retirement Wednesday at the Winsted Public Library.

Neumann worked at the library for 26 years.

Neumann reminisced with librarian Sharon Noerenberg while looking through a thick scrapbook with newspaper articles and photos of book fairs, Halloween and Christmas parties, and story hours.

Noerenberg has worked at the library as many years as Neumann, Noerenberg said.

In April, Neumann was given a Hall of Fame award from the Pioneer Library System.

Noerenberg nominated her for all her work through the years, she said.

The two remembered when the Crow River Regional Library Bookmobile first came to Winsted in January 1975, before there was a library.

The bookmobile came every other Tuesday from 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Nearly 800 books were checked out that day and about 100 people registered for a library card, the Journal reported.

"We thought that bookmobile was the best thing since whipped cream," said Floyd Sneer, who came to wish Neumann the best in her retirement.

Neumann credits Sneer and his wife, JoAnn, for "going to bat for the library," Neumann said.

While paging through the scrapbook, Neumann recognized most of the youngsters, many of whom have children now attending story hour, Neumann said.

She pointed out a photo with her grandson, Zachary Neumann, petting a boa constrictor when the Zoomobile came to the library a few years ago.

Neumann showed her granddaughters, Laura and Sara Neumann, a picture in the book that was taken when they were little girls at a Christmas party at the library.

Laura would not believe it was Santa Claus because of his shoes, Neumann said. "They were gray, not shiny black."

Even though Neumann will not be working her Wednesday shift anymore or substituting, she will continue to read for story hour as a volunteer, she said. July 1 will mark her 27th year of reading at story hour, she said.

She's reading to the second generation of children already, she said.

Group sizes have changed throughout the years, Neumann said. As many as 20 children would come for story hour, she said. Now, it's around 10 children, she said.

She will keep working at the McLeod County Food Shelf in Glencoe, she said.

"It was time," Neumann said when asked why she was retiring.

"Maybe she'll be home more now," said Donna Morang, Neumann's daughter.

Daughter-in-law Sherrie Neumann echoed the same sentiment earlier.

Plans for the future

Neumann plans on spending time with her grandchildren and continuing her genealogy work. She is researching all four sides of her family, her side and her husband Marvin's side, she said. So far she has researched one family back to the 1600s, she said.

Neumann has been doing genealogy for many many years. She documented the birth and death records for Winsted Township from the early 1870s to the early 1950s. She made six copies, she said.

She also has birth and death records for Hale Township, she said.

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