Herald JournalHerald Journal, Oct. 13, 2003

One-way street proposed for downtown Lester Prairie

By Julie Yurek

It was suggested that one block of Juniper Street, between Central Avenue and First Avenue North in Lester Prairie, become a one-way street at the city council meeting last Monday.

The Lester Prairie Business Association (LPBA) presented the council with a drawing of proposed Juniper Street changes.

"Businesses are concerned with parking," said Fred Holasek, owner of Fred Holasek and Son Greenhouses.

The changes would increase parking from approximately 18 parking spots to about 40, said LPBA President Michael Merriman.

The increase in parking spots would come from making the west side of the street diagonal parking, while keeping the east side parallel.

The alley and the parking lot on the sides of the meat market would be one-way, but the alley behind city hall would stay a two-way, Merriman said.

Two spots in front of the post office would be 15-minute parking, he suggested, to "keep traffic flowing."

"This is just an idea," he said of the drawing. He drew up four scenarios, with the one being presented as the best way, he said.

There would be some cost to the city to change Juniper into a one-way, such as engineering costs and striping, Merriman said.

"I like the idea," said Mayor Eric Angvall. Council Member Larry Hoof echoed the comment.

The city will probably need a feasibility study, engineering study, and a public hearing, said City Clerk Marilyn Pawelk.

The council tabled the issue until the next council meeting Monday, Nov. 10 in order to get more information on what is needed to change Juniper into a one-way.

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