Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 2, 2003

After season of fundraising, LP pool ready to open

By Julie Yurek

The summer opening of the Lester Prairie pool is tentatively set for Saturday, June 14, weather and pool conditions permitting.

The pool opening also hinges on a successful final inspection from the Minnesota Department of Health which is scheduled for about June 9.

Total donations to date are $156,020, which included $80,000 from Art Schwichtenberg and $76,020 from the community.

The open swim hours are 1 to 7:30 p.m. The air temperature must be at least 70 degrees for open swim.

The pool will not be open if there is inclement weather, i.e. raining, lightning, etc. The pool will not re-open if it has closed for the day due to weather or other circumstances.

The pool will close at 3 p.m. if there are not at least 10 people swimming.

The pool telephone number is (320) 395-8450. No long distance calls or collect calls can be made from that telephone. The phone is not for public use.

Pool rates are as follows:

Family passes for the season for a family of four is $65, plus an additional $10 for each additional member.

Two-member family passes for the season are $45 and $10 for each additional member.

Family passes must be purchased at city hall.

Children four years and under is $1 with a paid adult; ages five-17 is $2 and ages 18 and over is $3.

Pool tokens may be used again this year.

Tokens must be bought in packs of 10 at the rates of kindergarten through 12th grade at $20.

General pool rules

Pool capacity is 276.

1. No one is allowed in the pool area without paying.

2. No street clothes in the pool including, but not limited to shorts, cut-offs, tee-shirts, etc. Proper swim attire must be worn. Infants and small children must wear water proof swim diapers.

3. No smoking in the pool area.

4. Lawn chairs are permitted only in the southwest corner of the pool deck.

5. No life jackets, water, wings, floating devices, balls or toys are permitted unless permission is granted by the supervisor on duty.

6. No fast walking or running.

7. One person on the diving board or the slides at a time.

8. No swearing, profanity, crude language, or gestures.

9. No swimming in front of or under the diving boards or slides, unless open pit has been called by the lifeguards.

10. No jumping or diving off the yellow marked areas.

11. No dunking, shoving, rough play, urinating, spitting, spouting water from the mouth, or blowing the nose in the pool or pool area.

12. No intoxicated person will be allowed in the pool area.

13. No pool tag in the shallow end of the pool.

14. The City of Lester Prairie is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Leave expensive items at home. Baskets are to be turned in to the basket worker and not left on the deck or in the bathhouse.

15. Disruptive and disrespectful actions will not be tolerated. The staff will remove a person from the pool area for not following the rules.

If a person refuses to leave the pool area, the police department will be called. Should the police department be called for the same individual a second time, the person will be banned from the pool for the season.

Any person found violating the rules may be warned, may be requested to leave, and/or may be denied future use of the swimming pool for the summer.

Rules for wading pool

Wading pool capacity is 46.

No lifeguards on duty.

1. Children must not use the pool without an adult in attendance.

2. Unsupervised children will be sent home.

3. No running in the pool area.

4. No diving in the wading pool.

5. No playing on the play features.

6. Swim diapers must be worn if not potty trained. Swim diapers can be purchased at the bath house.

Rules for slide

Warning: water depth is 12 ft. deep.

1. One rider at a time. Wait until the landing is clear before entering the slide.

2. Slide in the sitting position or on the back only.

3. Do not attempt to stop on the slide.

4. Leave the plunge area immediately.

5. Non-swimmers are not permitted to use the slide.

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