Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 18, 2003

McLeod County, Bergen Township trade parts of 190th St., County Road 55

By Julie Yurek

The eastern two miles of 190th Street in Bergen Township is now owned by McLeod County.

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners approved swapping County Road 55 with Bergen Township for a portion of 190th Street at Bergen's meeting Thursday.

The eastern two miles will be County Road 93, but addresses will remain the same, said County Engineer John Brunkhorst.

Signs will be taken down this week, according to the county engineer's office.

County Road 55 residents' addresses will remain 150th Street, said Clerk Pat Lemke.

About 25 residents were present to ask questions and give input about the swapping.

Township residents approved the idea in April by a vote of 17 to 8.

Commissioners Ray Bayerl, Melvin Dose, Sheldon Nies, and Beverly Wangerin were present at Thursday's meeting, along with County Attorney Mike Junge and Recorder LynnEtte Schrupp.

The main concerns residents had were that property value on County Road 55 would decrease because it is no longer a county road and what kind of maintenance and future improvements residents on 190th Street can expect.

A resident living on County Road 55 was concerned that property value would decrease if the road is a township road instead of a county road, he said.

"Property owners are losing something," he said.

"I don't think that'll happen," Bayerl said. "Otherwise, that would have been an issue when the state McLeod gave what's now County Road 1 to the county."

Vern Ide wanted to know the county's plans for maintenance and future improvements are.

"It's not going to be tarred in the next five years," Brunkhorst said.

"As for maintenance, the county's been maintaining it for a year now," he added.

The county can't be bound or bind a future board to anything because of funding, Junge said.

Township Treasurer John Morley informed the audience that the township was getting money for 190th, even though it was the county maintaining it

"Thank you," Morley said to the commissioners.

A 190th Street resident was in favor of the swap and so are the neighbors he talked to, he said.

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