Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 17, 2003

Township election results

Tuesday's area township elections included a variety of outcomes, from a unanimous winners to a write-in winner with only five votes to a record turnout.

Huge voter turnout in Hollywood

Nearly 300 people voted at the annual township election in Hollywood Township Tuesday night, "making it probably the largest turnout ever," said Clerk Sherm Steffenson.

In the three-way race for supervisor, Tim Lynch beat out incumbent Ronnie Kassulker by three votes, 132 to 129. The third candidate, Kathie Anderson, received 32 votes. There were also a few write-ins, Steffenson said.

The treasurer's position went to incumbent Charles Schuft, who received 171 votes.

Special ballot passes in Bergen: landowners financially responsible for mowing ditches

Voters in Bergen Township received a blue ballot along with their other ballot, which featured a special question for voters at Bergen Township's annual election Tuesday.

The question was if "landowners should be financially responsible for mowing ditches along township roads that are adjacent to their property," said Clerk Pat Lemke.

The proposal passed 28 to 26, with three ballots left blank.

Although 57 people came to the polls in Bergen Township, several of them didn't even vote. "There were quite a few (entirely) blank ballots," said Clerk Pat Lemke.

Even without those votes, incumbents Eugene Feltmann and John Morley won their races. Feltmann received 47 votes for supervisor, and Morley received 50 for treasurer.

Five write-in candidates for supervisor were also received for one vote each, which were Francis Burch, Tom Feltmann, John Dammann, Roger Mathews, and Charles Mathews, Lemke said.

Supervisor decided by write-ins

Once again, a supervisor for Winsted Township was decided by write-ins at its annual election Tuesday.

Hubert Haekenkamp won the three-year term supervisor term with five votes, said Clerk Susan Goebel.

Haekenkamp had not re-filed for the position. Other write-in candidates were Robert Voss with four votes, Mike Laxen with three, Clem Bayerl two, Harlan Wegscheid two, Greg Otto two, Nina Stifter two, and Heidi Otto two votes.

There were also seven people who received one write-in vote, Glesssing said.

Incumbent Treasurer Alden Enger retained his seat with 23 votes to 18 for Nina Stifter.

Goebel was re-elected clerk with 40 votes, and Larry Michaletz was re-elected to a two-year supervisor term with 41 votes.

Last year in Winsted Township, a clerk and a supervisor position were decided by write-in votes. However, both write-ins declined, and Goebel and Michaletz were appointed for one-year terms.

Unanimous winner in Woodland

Forty-six people voted Tuesday night at Woodland Township's annual election, said Clerk Gloria Janikula.

Incumbent Jim Trombley got all 46 votes for supervisor, and incumbent Gene Janikula receiving 45 votes for treasurer. One ballot was blank for treasurer, Janikula said.

First election in new town hall

Marysville Township residents had their first election in their new town hall with 123 people voting.

Both incumbents won their races. Incumbent Augie Riebel won with 68 votes for supervisor. Two other write-in candidates were received, with Joe Hickman receiving 54 votes and Jim Hickman with one vote, said Clerk Rena Marketon.

Incumbent Bonita Foede received 97 votes as treasurer, write-in candidates Kathy Ronning received 15 votes, Joe Hickmann one vote, April Hickman one vote, and Steve Olk one vote, Marketon said.

Gruenhagen wins two-way race

In a two-way race for supervisor, incumbent Craig Gruenhagen won with 36 votes at Tuesday's annual election in Middleville Township.

The other candidate, Ted Nichols, received 16 votes, said Clerk Laura Latzig.

Incumbent Everrett Smith won for treasurer with 51 votes. A total of 53 people voted, Latzig said.

Incumbents win in Victor

Both incumbents won their races in Victor Township at the annual election Tuesday.

Incumbent David Hoover won for supervisor with 40 votes, over seven single-vote write-ins, and incumbent Sean Groos won for treasurer with 41 votes, with four write-ins and two blanks, said Clerk Sharon Glessing.

Voter turnout for the election was 47 people, she said.

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