Herald JournalHerald Journal, Sept. 8, 2003

Tom Thumb closes in Winsted

By Julie Yurek

The Winsted Tom Thumb store closed its doors Wednesday due to a lack of profit, according to Manager Nate Mens.

The store wasn't making any money, he said. "Winsted is too small of a town to support so many gas stations."

Mens does not know who, if anyone, will be moving into the store after Tom Thumb leaves, he said.

The company leases the building, he added.

The merchandise that was left on the shelves Wednesday was shipped to other Tom Thumb stores.

Employees wrapped up the books and other tasks Thursday, Mens said.

Tom Thumb was open for about 20 years and employed seven employees at the time of its closing.

Most of the employees will continue working at other Tom Thumb locations, Mens said.

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