Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 2, 2003

Remember the UFOs in the 1940s?

By Lynda Jensen

This week, author Kirk Besse is working on Howard Lake UFO sightings reported in the 1940s.

"Does anyone remember flying saucer tales?" Besse asks. Those who do should contact the newspaper office or Besse at his e-mail victoriapl@canada.com.

Some vintage news stories tracked the sightings.

"Flying saucers appear near Howard Lake"

HERALD Aug. 21, 1952.

Thursday evening about 9 o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Rausch witnessed a weird spectacle while at their home in the east end of town. Two large discs of light which seemed to be about three or four feet in diameter were circling around over Mud Lake (Mallard Pass Lake) which adjoins their property on the east.

They circled over the lake and disappeared beyond the trees then reappeared, one following the other in the same orbit.

Mrs. Dale Koenig who lives in the apartment in the Rausch residence also came outside and watched the lights. The apparitions, whatever they were, were in evidence for as long as the Rauches stayed out to watch them and what finally became of them they do not know.

There is also a short article in the Aug. 4, 1949 issue which exclaimed "ANOTHER SAUCER?" had been sighted.

Interestingly enough, the 1949 back issues of the newspaper were destroyed in the fire May 7, 1992 at the Herald office in Howard Lake.

Other bound editions destroyed in the fire included 1950, 1951, and 1957.

However, a complete set of the newspaper back issues ­ including the ones destroyed ­ are available at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, located on Kellogg Avenue.

The newspapers exist on microfilm, at no charge, which is where Besse has been accessing many of the articles for the history book.

The newspaper office also contains back issues to 1879, which people are welcome to come and look through at their own convenience (with the exception of the missing editions).

In other subjects, Besse is looking for information about Dick Klucas who delivered mail on Route 1 by plane, according to a Herald article March 29, 1951.

"Does anyone have a picture of Mr. Klucas and his plane?" Besse wanted to know.

Besse also noted the following tidbits he is researching:

· the removal of the Herald's linotype machine appears in the Herald on page two Wednesday, May 9, 1984.

· a photo of the new Howard Lake Hospital appears in the Herald July 19, 1906

· Anyone have any pictures of the theatre?

Residents with information are encouraged to call the newspaper office and ask for Lynda or to contact Besse:

Besse's address is:

Kirk Besse
PO Box 14625
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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