Herald JournalHerald Journal, Dec. 8, 2003

Waverly Cafe is set to replace Scotty's

By Lynda Jensen

The Waverly Cafe will be back in town, taking the place of Scotty's Restaurant located on the south side of Highway 12 in Waverly, next to Mark's Service.

Brenda Jones of Winsted took over the restaurant lease last week and plans to name the business the Waverly Cafe; tentatively to be opened Jan. 2.

The restaurant building continues to be owned by Mark and Giny Karels, who are also owners of Mark's Service.

Jones has spent several years in the restaurant business. She has also spent time working with Milo Westrum of Waverly over the last three years.

Westrum will be cooking for the new restaurant.

The Waverly Cafe name was used several years ago for the restaurant when it was still attached to the side of Mark's Service, and not a freestanding building as it is today.

For three or four years, the restaurant was called Bill's Grill and operated by Mary Metz, who leased the space from the Karels.

Before Bill's Grill, the restaurant was called the Waverly Cafe.

Scotty's Restaurant was opened last January by Scott and Kathleen Czanstkowski of Montrose.

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