Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 24, 2003

Modern feminine health is the theme of first Women's Expo

By Lynda Jensen

Feminine health is the theme for the first-ever Women's Expo planned for Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Blue Note of Winsted.

Dr. Jennifer Butturff of Preferred Choice Chiropractic in Howard Lake will give a presentation about natural alternatives to frequently prescribed medicines as well as the impact of modern diets.

In general, women retain fat and water more than men, she said. Women's fat cells are also larger.

When it comes to diet, few people realize how many ingredients and additives they eat in food that can actually be toxic, she said.

For example, artificial sweeteners (usually listed on items that are called "sugar free"), are actually active neurotransmitters, Butturff said. This means they don't digest in the stomach, but transmit directly to neurons.

"It goes directly from your tongue to your brain," she said. "Your hormones go crazy."

Artificial sweeteners can be found in nearly everything from yogurt to vitamins, she said.

Once in the body, they turn into something like wood alcohol, and the body has a terrible time digesting it, she said.

MSG is also something that is not food, directly affecting the body's hormones.

Of course, the usual offender ­ sugar ­ is still bad. There are five tablespoons in one can of regular pop, she said. This is equivalent to 34 feet of sugar cane.

The body can only digest half a teaspoon of sugar per hour, she said.

"This is how we make ourselves sick," Butturff said.

Those who wish to break cravings for sugar should try natural alternatives, such as red delicious apples, which have a high content of sucrose, which is natural sugar.

Other alternatives are honey, black strap molasses, or brown rice syrup, she said.

The worst thing to eat is corn syrup, because it takes the body so long to process it, she said.

"It's hard to break down in your body," she said.

Butturff's top five food picks for a healthy diet include:

· soy, which naturally produces hormones

· brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and collards

· lean meat such as fish (Alaskan salmon), or surprisingly, bison meat

· water, which is usually underestimated even though it acts as a detoxifier, she said.

"People don't count it, and it's huge," she said.

· blueberries or like colored berries, which are natural detoxifiers as well.

Butturff recommends eating organic meat, direct from the farmer or grower. "Don't eat out of a can or box," she said.

When using a microwave, glass should always be used instead of plastic because the plastic becomes part of the food, she said.

She will also be addressing such things as alternatives to hormone replacement therapy, she said.

"You don't need hormones," she said. "Your body's got all it needs."

The Expo will offer about 30 booths featuring everything from beauty to free cooking samples.

Other booths include original artwork, paintings, homemade soap, flowers, ceramics, jewelry, hair care, book exchange, how-to aerobics and fitness, self defense, and massages given by Preferred Choice Chiropractic and Salon Amie.

Organizer Laurie Campbell of Winsted indicated that she wanted to offer something different than the usual expo fare, she said.

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