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Winstock ready for 10th anniversary

By Ryan Gueningsman

Winstock celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend with performances by headliners John Michael Montgomery and Martina McBride.

Sara Evans and Trick Pony will also round out the entertainment Saturday evening, in addition to Loretta Lynn, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Darryl Worley performing throughout the afternoon.

Trick Pony, 6:45 p.m.

"Trick Pony is energy. It's honky-tonkin,' drivin' in-your-face fun," said vocalist Heidi Newfield of California.

People can listen to one of Trick Pony's CDs, but the total appreciation of what Trick Pony is about doesn't come until one sees them live.

With Newfield teaming up with guitarist/songwriter Keith Burns and Minnesota-born Ira Dean on bass, the trio delivers a resumé of powerful true country hits.

After the trio hooked up, they spent about four years singing, writing, and shopping ­ for a record deal.

"We got a van and trailer and went up and down the road all across the country," Newfield said. "We played every club and honky tonk, and it was probably a good thing."

The van rides of a couple years ago seem like an eternity of time since they got their record deal and have had some success.

"Everything is moving so fast," said Burns. "It's like my brother said the other day, "Keith is on a roller-coaster, along with Heidi and Ira, and if you want to get on it, you just have to ride with them a while, then jump off, cause they are not getting off ­ they're gonna keep on going."

Trick Pony released its first album and had several hits off of it. As the band keeps on the heels of their second album, "On a Mission," Newfield, Burns, and Dean are happy where they are at in both their careers, and their lives.

"We're really proud of "On a Mission." That's something that feeds us and lights a fire under us," said Newfield. "But the one thing we all agree on is that when we walk up those stairs, we hear the roar of the crowd, and they're diggin' what we're doing and singing every word to every song ­ that right there makes everything worth it. It's the most incredible feeling in the world."

Some of Trick Pony's hits:

· "Pour Me"

· "On a Night Like This"

· "Just What I Do"

· "On a Mission"

· "A Boy Like You"

John Michael Montgomery, 10 p.m.

After being off the charts for several years, a more relaxed John Michael Montgomery is hoping to bounce back with his latest release "Pictures."

Montgomery, who has sold over 15 million albums, is recovering from two leg surgeries, and is doing about 50-60 shows this summer to promote his latest release.

While he is not on the road, he spends his time at his Georgian colonial home on his farm outside Lexington, Ky. with his wife and two children.

A hitmaker of the mid-'90s, Montgomery became known for his ballads, even releasing an album titled "Love Songs" last year.

"It is amazing that so many of my songs have been a part of weddings," Montgomery said. "It's really cool to have them all on one album."

For a star who once did close to 200 shows a year, this is the pace that Montgomery is glad he is at. He is looking forward to getting back on the road and sharing his hits with his legions of fans.

"I will be able to have an opportunity to tour in areas I haven't visited in quite a while, and we're thrilled with the touring schedule," he said. "It's beginning to look awesome."

Winstock is proud to welcome back this hit-making headliner for what is sure to be an extraordinary performance of many familiar country tunes.

Some of John Michael Montgomery's hits:

· "Life's a Dance"

· "Be My Baby Tonight"

· "Sold"

· "I Swear"

· "I Love the Way You Love Me"

· "I Miss You a Little"

· "I Can Love You Like That"

· "Hello L-O-V-E"

· "The Little Girl"

Winstock Schedule

Thursday, June 12

3 pm-dark - Campgrounds open for admission

Friday, June 13

9:30 am - Campgrounds open for admission

2:00 pm - Gates open

5:00 pm - Prairie Rose

6:30 pm - Ronnie Milsap

8:15 pm - Gary Allan

10:00 pm - Martina McBride

Saturday, June 14

9:30 am - Gates open

11:00 am - Pre-show beer tent party with Prairie Rose

1:00 pm - Rebecca Lynn Howard

2:30 pm - Darryl Worley

4:00 pm - Loretta Lynn

6:45 pm - Trick Pony

8:15 pm - Sara Evans

10:00 pm - John Michael Montgomery

More info at www.winstockfestival.com

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