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April 26, 2004 Herald Journal
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A questionnaire for friends

A friend of mine sent this email questionnaire to me recently.

“Don’t be lame and spoil the fun,” she wrote.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about your friends this way.

So I gave it a crack. If you want to try it, too, then go to our web site at www.herald-journal.com and click on “columns” under the left hand corner, then simply copy and paste it into your email. Make sure to erase my lame answers with your own!

1. What book are you reading now? The Time Life series on the Civil War. I’m reading about Lincoln’s assassination right now.

2. What’s on your mouse pad? My kids.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Scrabble (but I play it on the computer, the few times I have a spare moment).

4. Favorite magazine? Newsweek, Time, People.

5. Babies? Love ‘em. Kids are great. They can teach us all so much.

6. Favorite sounds? Children’s laughter

7. Worst feeling in the world? Loss.

8. First thing you think of in the morning? Work.

9. How many rings before you answer the phone? Two or less.

10. What is most important in life? God, family, and work.

11. Chocolate or vanilla? Totally chocolate. In fact, I tried to kick out Chuck from Gerry’s SuperValu when he made a delivery in Howard Lake because he wasn’t also bearing chocolate. He laughed . . . ?

12. Do you like to drive fast? I used to. I’m a reformed speeder.

13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, but I have a dog. Does that count?

14. Storms, cool or scary? Really cool, if no one gets hurt.

15. What type was your first car? A 1968 Bonneville, with a heater that didn’t work.

16. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? Sure. At least I have plenty of food to eat.

17. If you could dye your hair any color what would it be? The color I have right now – orange, as my kids call it.

18. Ever been in love? I am right now.

19. Is the glass half empty or half full? Half full.

20. Favorite movie? The Hunt for Red October. Otherwise I don’t like movies.

21. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they hit the right letters.

22. What’s under your bed? Old socks.

23. Say at least one nice thing about the person who sent this to you. She is smart, funny and super reliable! Jody Anderson,I can’t believe you’re moving to Mexico! You make me sick!

“Don’t waste your time on anyone who is not willing to waste their time on you.”

Angels on tiptoes

Here is a quick thought about the “big day” (when Jesus comes again).

All of creation is waiting for this day, groaning under the strain of this sinful world.

Even the angels are on tiptoes, waiting for this day, according to Pastor Oliver Sandahl at the Shepherd’s Fold Baptist Church in Hutchinson.

Are you on your toes, too?

Make it well done

The following was written by Julie Millerbernd, elementary principal at Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted.

To achieve success in school and in life, we need to have more than just good intentions – we need to turn those intentions into an action plan.

We have all heard the axiom that if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail.

No truer words were ever spoken.

Success in school is too important to be left to chance. It is not enough to want to do well. We must work consistently and diligently to make sure that we do!

Ben Franklin is often quoted with this tidbit of wisdom: “Well done is better than well said.” His wisdom is certainly applicable in school.

We need to take our words and our intentions about learning and formulate an action plan. It is a plan that will serve us well in life.

We are all originally diamonds in the rough. As the axiom goes, A diamond is a chunk of coal made good under pressure.

School and life both contain some pressure. There are difficulties, dilemmas, and deadlines that we all face each day. But with a solid plan of action, we can face those and come out on top!

The key is consistency. We should write down our goals and read them several times each day to keep our focus clear.

Each morning we should engage in a little self-talk so that we can cheer ourselves on to a successful day in school.

With a positive attitude, goal list, and sustained daily effort, we can achieve success.

So when choosing your plan for school and for life, make it well done, rather than well said! Go beyond good intentions to success!

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