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July 12, 2004 Herald Journal
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Dismantling families


This week, the US Senate will be voting about an amendment to protect traditional marriage, making it clearly between a man and woman (as it has been for thousands of years).

The alternative – watering down the definition of marriage – is not a good idea for several reasons:

• It’s an offense to God and to anyone who has a basic sense of morals.

(It's also another example of the government dismantling families – this time by abolishing the very meaning of what a family is.)

Separation of church and state isn’t found in the Constitution or Bill of Rights for this country. It’s actually one sentence, “freedom OF religion,” not freedom FROM religion, found in the first amendment.

It is a huge mistake to think that the thousands of references to the Bible and Christianity in documents made by our forefathers – Jefferson, Washington, and others – while laying the foundation of this country were actually unintentional.

On the contrary, none of these men ever thought we’d try to kick God out of our nation or strip Christianity out of it.

We are dumb or crazy for allowing socially liberal to convince us otherwise.

Incidentally, socially liberal people will use quotes from the Bible – always out of context – when it is useful for them to prove a completely opposite viewpoint than that expressed by God.

• the government has never been good at raising kids, or trying to do something in place of a parent.

A perfect example of this is current state of our public school system, which has been in the hands of socially liberal people for decades.

Discipline and teaching self control used to a be a gift to children, so they didn’t become spoiled brats and be a hardship to society.

Now, teachers spend most of their time trying to control classrooms that are out of control, mainly because socially liberal people would have you believe that disciplining a child is a bad thing (among other issues).

The problem is that discipline and self control go hand in hand with confidence and self esteem; the latter of which you can’t teach or give someone.

Self esteem comes from within, with loving parents giving positive reinforcement inside the boundaries of self control.

Self esteem isn’t something you get from false praise or by obtaining something without having to earn it first.

• Children do best under the ideal circumstances, one father and one mother. This is just common sense.

It’s true that kids are resilient and can overcome hardships such as divorce, or being raised by one parent. But it isn’t the best scenario.

Purposely stacking the odds against kids, and then forcing them to pay the price for bad decisions made by adults is just plain wrong.

• Other countries that legalized same-sex marriage report a host of problems with it.

Eighty-six percent of new HIV infections in the Netherlands come from a partner who has a steady relationship, as reported in May by the Amsterdam Municipal Health Service. That is, the few long-term relationships there are because most of them last less than two years, according to the same source.

CALL YOUR SENATOR. The toll free numbers are Norm Coleman 1-800-642-6041, and Mark Dayton 1-888-224-9043.

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