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April 5, 2004 Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

Resurrection – right with God
By Rev. Herman R. Hannemann, Interim Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie

“Jesus, our Lord, . . . . . was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” (Romans 4:25)

There are days and times when it seems that we cannot do anything right. Like Midas, our touch changes things – but not to gold.

Our words harm and hurt, rather than heal. We have 10 thumbs, five on each hand. On such days, many of us don’t like ourselves very much.

Digging deeper, we must, with the apostle, confess something worse about ourselves . . . “None is righteous – all have turned aside.”(Romans 3:10)

Not only is it difficult to like ourselves, but we begin to wonder how God can love sinners such as we are: selfish, resentful, willing to change God's plan to suit ourselves.

On our “off” days, and in our times of honest reflection, we cannot rely on our own feelings. Instead, let us pay attention to the Lord’s signals that say that He does, indeed, love us.

First, there is the cross. It proclaims: God hates sin enough to punish His own Son in our place. Jesus “was put to death for our trespasses.”

Second, there is the empty tomb. God’s love is not merely a sentiment. It is a fact, backed and demonstrated by Jesus’ ressurection.

Because Jesus died and rose again, we sinners are, by faith, right with God every day.

Jesus, Savior, release us from our feelings of fear and help us to trust in Your death and life.

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