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Aug. 16, 2004 Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

The perfect match

By Pastor Daniel Runke, Albion Evangelical Free Church, Cokato

Loneliness seems to be a common occurrence today.

Our electronic age has made it possible to communicate with others without actually having to see or talk with them. Our fast-paced lives and constant activity prevents us from getting to know others in a deep way that would allow us to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

In passing, we might ask people “How are you?,” but our schedule prevents us from taking the time to listen to their answer and as a result, both parties miss out on the chance to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship.

However, loneliness is not just a modern day problem. Loneliness can even happen in a perfect world.

Adam, the first man God created, experienced loneliness before the Bible says sin even entered into the picture.

Through loneliness, God taught Adam that he had a great need in his life. By having Adam name all the animals, God tried to patiently show him there were no quick fixes for his problem of loneliness. God wanted to show Adam, that the feelings of loneliness he had, could only be filled through relationships.

So God created a special person, a “suitable helper” for that need. Someone who was like Adam, a human being, and yet, at the same time, different enough to be the right kind of “suitable helper” Adam needed.

God made Eve, the first woman, and brought her into Adam’s life to help meet that need of loneliness.

The Bible says God blessed them and gave them a sexual union together in which both had no shame. God did not want anything to break that union.

Without the woman, that first perfect marriage specially designed by God, producing no guilt or shame, could not have happened. However, marriage alone, no matter how great that marriage is, can never totally meet all of our needs.

Jesus once met a very lonely woman. She had tried to fill her need in life through marriage alone. She had tried numerous relationships, some of which had been within a marriage commitment, but none of them had filled her emptiness.

Jesus pointed out to her that man’s feelings of loneliness come out of an empty heart that only God can fill. After meeting Jesus, the woman was so changed that the whole town noticed the difference (John 4).

How about you; do you have an emptiness that is in your heart? Jesus is the perfect match and has offered to fill every empty heart. He said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

He has left it up to us to come to Him. How about you – have you turned to Him?