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Oct. 25, 2004 Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

When the storms come

By Pastor Derek Forseth, Blessed Hope Church, Howard Lake

The succession of hurricanes that have pummeled Florida and the Caribbean remind me of the story told in Luke 6:46-49.

Jesus used the illustration of two builders: one built his house upon a rock, while the other built his house on the sand. We are not told what materials were used because the focus of Jesus’ story was the foundation each builder chose to lay their house on.

When the storms came, the fate of each structure was dependent on the foundation. The house built on the rock stood firm, while the house built on the sand crumbled into a heap of ruins.

The story was told so that we could make a spiritual application to our lives. Make no mistake about it, “storms” will come, and often, they come with little notice.

Storms come to our lives in the form of crisis. When life is relatively calm, it is easy to ignore the importance of our foundation. But when relational, physical, or financial problems arise, our foundation is put to the test.

The solid foundation we can build our lives upon is Jesus Christ, who is eternal. The way we build on that foundation is by obeying Him.

The “sand” in the illustration represents what the world has to offer, which is only temporary. Relationships can break down, possessions can be lost or taken, and our health will, at some point, decline. Building on “sand” is disobedience to God in the form of placing other “things” in priority over Him.

Why then, would so many build their houses on sand? Bible commentaries offer many reasons.

Some want to avoid the hard labor involved in building on rock, which takes time and effort.

Others see the beautiful beaches and overlook the possible dangers because the scenery seems more attractive. Maybe their friends have already established residences on the sand and they want to join them.

Still others haven’t heard that storms may be coming, or they choose to ignore the reports, believing that the storms will pass by them.

Whatever our reason or justification for building on sand, the results are the same. If we place our priorities on temporal things instead of God, eventually, the “storms” of life will come and wash these things away.

The message in this illustration is one of hope. If we place our relationships, well-being, and daily cares on a firm foundation, we will be able to withstand the “storms” which come our way.

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

We are not promised a life without problems or “storms,” but Hebrews 13:5 reminds us that He promises“. . . never to leave us or forsake us.”

The “rock,” which is Jesus Christ, is immovable. Let us be like the wise builder who established his house on the rock so that we will be able to withstand the “storms” of life.

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