Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 2, 2004

Columbarium installed at Holy Trinity Cemetery

By Ryan Gueningsman

A new columbarium was recently installed at Holy Trinity Cemetery.

A columbarium is used for holding urns with ashes of cremated deceased, commented Francis Schommer of Holy Trinity.

He said that more people seem to be going with cremation since it is a several hundred dollars cheaper than a full burial. Schommer said that there isn’t the cost of purchasing a grave or tombstone, nor the cost to dig the graves. The cost to be placed in the columbarium is about $800.

Schommer said that a plaque can be put on the spot that holds a person’s remains, and for an additional charge, a person can have a photo placed on it.

The unit installed at Holy Trinity Cemetery can hold 96 urns, 48 on each side, and is part of a plan of five units to be placed in a star shape, with a statue of the risen Jesus Christ standing in the middle.

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