Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 12, 2004

Don’s Gifts open for business

By Cindy Zitzloff

Don Danford of Howard Lake recently started up Don’s Gifts, a home-based business that he is excited to share with others.

Danford has already received a positive reception from locals, without much effort, he said.

Danford has been a Howard Lake resident for eight years and served on city council for five years, but had to resign recently due to medical complications.

After being on disability for 11 years, a successful recent surgery in January has freed Danford up and has allowed him to take on his new business venture.

With bakery sales experience already under his belt, Danford decided to purchase a distributorship for craft items becoming a wholesaler who sets up sub-wholesaler accounts for others.

“I’ve always taken an interest in crafts,” said Danford. This opportunity was ideal for Danford’s situation, along with giving him the freedom of working from home.

“I think it’s a good idea and think it will fly in this area,” said Danford.

Don’s Gifts offers a wide range of items to purchase, in addition to offering many programs for those interested in becoming a wholesaler.

The programs include flea markets, swap meets, home parties, mail orders, and even a fundraising program, which all include an easy 30-day action plan, giving the wholesaler day-to-day guidance.

More than 3,000 items can be found in Danford’s newest catalog, including a holiday, religion, and sales catalog.

Danford is currently setting up a four-page web site that should be up and running next week.

“Ideally, in the future, I’d like to do online selling,” said Danford.

For more information visit www.donsgifts.net.

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