Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 1, 2004

Winsted man managing Dassel's new liquor store

By Pat Garberick

Marvin Vetsch of Winsted is the new manager of Dassel Liquors, which opened last week for the first time along Highway 12.

Vetsch and his wife Brenda, a 1993 graduate of Holy Trinity in Winsted, are familiar faces in the area, having owned and operated V’s Grill in Winsted for the past three years.

They also previously ran Keg’s Bar of Winsted.

Brenda, who just had a baby girl in January, will be holding down the fort at V’s a little more now, with Marvin taking up his new management role, he said.

Vetsch may have a daunting task, since Dassel voters haven’t approved the sale of liquor since before Prohibition.

In fact, when the question passed on the referundum last fall, the news made the Star Tribune.

“A younger generation stepped up, a changing of attitudes,” Vetsch commented about the change.

Vetsch has been plugging away at the store layout, organizing purchases with vendors among other things, readying for the initial opening.

The store is housed in a 3,000-square foot building, constructed by Art Hagen and owned by Howard Page. It is leased by the city.

Several part-time employees were hired initially.

“It’s going to be a very well-rounded store, with a nice layout and a greater selection of wine. It’s going to fill in a nice little niche for out in this area,” he said.

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