Herald JournalHerald Journal, Feb. 16, 2004

Nursing home resident enjoys writing poetry

By Ryan Gueningsman

He does it because he loves it.

Sam Fox, 69, has been living at St. Mary's Care Center since December 2002.

Fox has also written more than 150 different poems in recent years. He started writing poetry, mainly two-liners, after he "retired" in 1997.

He is originally from the south Twin Cities area, and was a warehouse manager for many years. After retiring from the warehouse industry, Fox took a part-time job in an office, opening mail, and doing other office clerk chores.

"That's when I started writing," Fox said. "I had more time on my hands. I was working three half-days a week at that time."

Fox has written poems about God, children, and many about love.

"There are really a lot about love," he said. "Other than that, it's just other things that come to mind when I get an urge to write. There have been times where I was writing one every 15 minutes."

Although Fox writes for his own enjoyment, he said that if other people enjoy it, "it's a plus."

"One gal that worked here is getting married in May," Fox said. "She wanted a poem to put on the front of her wedding invitations, but other than that, I just mainly write for my own."

Fox writes his poems out long-hand first, and then uses a word processor he keeps in his room to type the poetry. He keeps one full book of poems, and one that is about three-fourths full next to his bed.

He was admitted to St. Mary's Care Center after doctors decided that a care facility would be the best place for him. Fox had a lung operation in 1978, and was in the hospital 14 times in the year prior to coming to St. Mary's.

"It took a long time to get used to the fact that this is my life," he said. After making the move to St. Mary's, Fox cut back on his writing, as he was trying to make the adjustment to being there.

Now, Fox is working on "getting back into the swing of things and being used to being here," and hopes to start producing more poems in the near future.

He keeps a tablet handy to jot down ideas as they come to him, and he said he also has many poems that are started, but not quite finished yet.

Fox has never tried to get his material published, noting that he does it "because I love it and it's something that makes me feel good."

Stairway to Heaven

The stairway to heaven was chiseled with great love

Each step is guarded by angels from heaven above


The stairway to heaven is lit with the glow of God's hand

So you may touch each stair on your trip up to His land


Live a good life, be true to yourself and your Lord

The long walk to heaven shall become your reward


The stairway to heaven was opened with Christ's passing

As He walked up to home, the trumpets were blasting


Songs were being sung in the churches built on the land

As Christ reached the top and took his Father's hand


The path is now open so others may follow him home

They now have a place to go and settle and need not roam


With His Son back He told everyone, and let it be known

That when He called, you would be brought to His home


While you are there and in His great hands

He will teach you and tell you of His lands


They say that day when it comes, will be second to none

That's the day you will meet the Lord and His great Son


No matter of whom, what, or where you are

In His eyes, you will always be a shining star

S.P.F. March 9, 2001



A mouse had a friend that lived by the water

Who happened to be a very friendly little otter


The mouse and the otter met one day

While watching their kids at play


Said the otter to the mouse, as He watched the kids

I think we need a day off before we flip our lids


Said the mouse to the otter, now that's a thought

We can figure it out between us, we're all we've got


Said the otter to the mouse, you could watch mine one day

They are very good children, in the water they would play


Said the mouse to the otter, I couldn't, they are too large

If they were in trouble I would have to build a barge


Said the mouse to the otter, you could watch mine one day

They are very good children, in the grass they would play


Said the otter to the mouse, I couldn't, they are too small

I wouldn't see them if they called, the grass is too tall


So the mouse and the otter sat there thinking the rest of the day

They decided not to leave, if the kids were out to play


The mouse and the otter agreed, the kids should have a voice

The next day they talked to them to find out their choice


As you so well know, not a single answer they could find

The mouse and the otter are still sitting, they don't mind


The families, to each other have become a very good friend

And should stay that way until the day it's time to end

S.P.F. October 15, 2000

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