Herald JournalHerald Journal, March 1, 2004

Update on Holy Trinity's capital campaign

By Ryan Gueningsman

Passing the one-quarter mark of its goal of $2 million, Holy Trinity of Winsted looks to keep raising funds for its building project.

“Hopefully we are looking at spring of next year when digging would take place for the new building,” Father Paul Wolf told members of the Winsted Area Chamber of Commerce recently.

Currently, there is about $500,000 that has been raised towards the project, after the tear down costs from the convent.

There will be about 14 elementary classrooms, and a new gymnasium where the convent was, according to plans.

“The current elementary school building is slated to be torn down as soon as the other one is occupied,” Wolf said. “Hopefully, within a two- year period, we will be into the new building.”

Wolf noted that elementary enrollment has been progressively going up. Each grade is slated to have two classrooms per grade, with about 25 students being able to fit in each room.

There was some concern expressed after the convent building was torn down recently whether the cross and the cornerstone would be preserved.

“Those two will be incorporated into the new building,” Wolf said. He also noted that the debris from the convent has been taken to Winstock property and is being used for roadway.

“We’re going to be here maybe 50 years,” Wolf said. “The building there now has been there a good 100 years. We need to make plans now for the future.”

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