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May 2004 stories

May 31

A growing rural hazard: careless, dangerous meth lab byproducts

A nose that ‘knows’ mold – Radar, mold sniffing dog

Local pastor visits, teaches in Russia

Lighthouse school closing doors

Winstock preview, part 2

May 24

Winsted approves metro calling, but it will take a year

Dirt flies with local teen's motocross hobby

HLWW hires new elementary principal for Winsted, Waverly

Montrose church to double capacity with new addition

Van Lith observes 30 years in NG auto repair business

Host families meet lifetime friends in exchange students

Inspection reveals asbestos in new HL city offices

Winstock preview, part 1

May 17

Infant smiles with her eyes, despite paralysis

LP woman raises pugs, the Tonka trucks’ of dog breeds

Enjoying the lake, with a good conscience intact

Brothers open small engine business in Waverly

ND surgeon OK after crash landing near Winsted

EMS: Expect the unexpected

May 10

Cafferty family has been on auto repair scene for half a century

Howard Lake native is specialist at non-traditional weddings

LP man proud of beer stein collection

Lester Prairie considering ATV ordinance

HLWW exchange student enjoys US ice cream, candy

HLWW prepares for k-5 schools in Winsted, Waverly

May 3

Lake Ann honored as 'best association of the year'

Bakeberg spices up her life with 100+ salt and pepper shaker sets

Lester Prairie artist enjoys teaching with textiles

Downtown revitalization plan in the works for Winsted

New owner takes over at Winsted Floral

Seniors should do homework on Medicare discount cards first

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