Herald JournalHerald Journal, August 29, 2004

Winsted to staff with two 'maintenance leads'

By Ryan Gueningsman

First there was one. Now there are two maintenance lead positions for the City of Winsted.

David Meyer and Jamie Stotko have been hired by the city as “maintenance leads” at $16.31 per hour.

After a short discussion, the council decided to eliminate the public works supervisor position in lieu of going with the two lead positions.

Meyer said that he and Stotko are “two peas in a pod,” and that the two are looking forward to the new arrangement.

In the near future, the council will look at hiring a third maintenance person. One possibility is John Schlechter, who currently works for the city part-time.

Stop sign discussed

At the request of Winsted resident Jack Hahn, the Winsted Police Department looked into the possibility of putting a stop sign at the corner of Main Avenue and First Street North going westbound.

In a memo to the council, Police Chief Mike Henrich said that his one concern about making that into a stop sign is vehicle safety during winter months.

“Vehicles have a hard time complying with this sign by coming to a complete stop, without them sliding backwards into other vehicles,” Henrich said. He also noted that there have been no notable accidents at that intersection for “many months.”

Council member Gerald Boldt asked about moving the yield sign to the bank side of the intersection, so people would yield before turning left or right onto Main Avenue off of First Street North.

“I’d prefer not to change the traffic pattern if we don’t have to,” said Mayor Don Guggemos. The council directed the maintenance department to look at relocating the yield sign that is currently in place to make it more visible.

At the last meeting, Hahn also mentioned the possibility of putting a second yield sign on the other side of the street. The council thought that people may think that it is a one-way street if a second sign is put up, and lead to confusion.

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