Herald JournalHerald Journal, June 7, 2004

Memorial Day events reflect somber mood

By Lynda Jensen

Overcast weather didn’t stop healthy crowds from attending Memorial Day services in Howard Lake, Waverly, and Montrose.

The crowds gathered to honor “the heart of courage, the light of hope, and the spirit of freedom . . . remembering those loved and lost,” according to the Waverly American Legion program.

New uniforms were sported by the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School band, which marched in Waverly and Howard Lake parades, as well as serenading the crowds with patriotic songs during the programs.

Vietnam veteran Rick Lammers spoke of the World War II memorial which was being dedicated in Washington DC that weekend. More than 100,000 World War II veterans attended this event at the nation’s capitol, he said.

“It’s a dedication long overdue,” Lammers said, noting that more than 11 million out of 16 million veterans have already died.

“Over three fourths of Americans now living weren’t yet born 60 years ago,” Lammers noted.

Memorial Day is the proper time to pause and reflect upon the sacrifice given by the greatest generation, he said.

“Those men and women who stood in harms’ way in our nation’s most dangerous hour are heroes in the truest sense,” he said.

“They put aside their personal lives, their fears and their dreams to protect us from evil. They bled and they died . . . They did what had to be done,” he added.

“America today is a reflection of their courage, their hearts, their dedication and their toughness,” Lammers concluded.

The Sons of the American Legion from Howard Lake are offering replacement flags for a nominal fee to replace faded, torn, or soiled flags. Those interested may call (320) 543-2554.

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