Herald JournalHerald Journal, Aug. 23, 2004

Improvements proposed for HL's Memorial Park

By John Swanson

A new facelift for Memorial Park was proposed at Tuesday's Howard Lake City Council meeting.

Tim Sonnek, a member of the Memorial Park committee, presented drawings of proposed changes to the ball field. He would like to see new seating arrangements behind home plate that would incorporate used stadium seats.

One hundred to 150 stadium seats with cup holders would be placed on decks behind home base. The seats are constructed of plastic and plastic decking would be used for longevity.

Future plans include a new announcer’s booth that would be located behind these seats with additional room for seating for those who bring their own chairs.

The cost of phase one would be around $16,000 for material, with volunteers doing the construction.

This cost would paid by selling the seats to individuals at a cost around $150 per chair.

The person’s name would be engraved on the chair. The seats would be sold ahead of time and possibly a low-interest loan be taken out for the material purchase so there would be no cost for the city.

Sonnek said that Howard Lake has one of the nicer ballparks around, with a lot of exposure and tournaments. He would like it to be nicer yet, he said.

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