Herald JournalHerald Journal, Nov. 1, 2004

Montrose looking for youth rep on council

By Dave Cox

The Montrose City Council is looking for a senior high student to act as youth representative.

The role of this person will be to attend council meetings and represent the youth of Montrose by providing input on subjects that are important to them.

Interested students should send a letter of introduction to the city council.

Turning to other subjects, the council approved a motion last Monday to extend the city’s contract with Waste Management for five years.

Rates will remain unchanged for 2005, and any increase in subsequent years would need to be approved by the council.

“Our service has been excellent, and from an office perspective, Waste Management has been very pleasant to work with,” City Administrator Barb Swanson said.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the council approved motions to direct City Engineer Brad DeWolf to begin working on plans and specs for a new water tower and for the reconstruction of Clementa Avenue to make it 32 feet wide.

The water tower will be located on the south side of town and will be designed to meet the city’s storage needs through 2025.

The Clementa Avenue project will also include a water main extension and a trail.

“We hope to start late in the 2005 construction season, or at the latest in 2006,” DeWolf said. “The water main will be paid for by trunk area fees, and the construction will be paid for by developments.”

“This project will also include the extension of First Street N. all the way to Clementa,” Mayor Charlie Nelson said.

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