Herald JournalHerald Journal, April 13, 2004

Recovery Resources offers second chances on life

By Heidi Stutelberg, Correspondent

Hope and a second chance are what Recovery Resources in Winsted is all about, since it opened with addiction and counseling services at the beginning of the year with counseling services.

Open Monday through Saturday, clients can receive out-patient chemical dependency treatment and evaluations, family, adolescent, and individual counseling; and court-ordered and DWI continuing care, as well as spiritual support care from a local pastor.

“Recovery is a process a lot of people don’t take seriously until they get into a lot of trouble,” said Recovery Resource’s director, Betty Rehman.

Rehman said she likes working with her clients, “because there’s a lot of decent people who have a terrible disease, but there is recovery.” She, herself, has been in recovery for 25 years and says that recovery changed her life.

Rehman has been a chemical dependency counselor for 18 years and said if there’s anything she can do to help another person, she will.

“Some people refuse to open their minds to a different way of life, without alcohol,” she said. As counselors, she and her staff offer the understanding and principles of recovery, then let the principles and the steps do the work, at the client’s choice.

Rehman said that the most serious drug concern they deal with is meth. “It is the drug of choice,” she said.

“I have seen where meth can turn an adolescent’s life upside down in two weeks. No family is immune. As long as they [teens] are out in society, there is a risk, because it’s all over. If people don’t take a look, it’ll just continue to be a problem, and denial will support the problem,” she added.

Resource Recovery’s three other licensed counselors include Betsy Horon, Aviva Inberg and John Rundquist.

Horon specializes in after care and individual counseling, Inberg specializes in family and individual counseling, and Rundquist specializes in family programming, and loss and grief counseling.

Pastor Tom Starkjohn of Harvest Community Church in Winsted, offers spirituality lectures two Mondays per month, is a referral for fifth step programming, and is also in charge of computer technical support.

Any of the staff members are available to speak to local groups on a variety of topics.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Recovery Resources at (320) 485-2323.

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