Herald JournalHerald Journal, Sept. 27, 2004

Cost of remodeling former bank building is subject for HL council

By John Swanson

The cost of remodeling the former Security Bank building into a new city office building was a topic of discussion for the Howard Lake City Council.

Ralph Diers from Diers Electric spoke at the meeting to explain additional charges for electric hook up for the cable room in the new city hall building.

He explained that the power demands are very high for that department and that a separate 100 amp electric box would have to be installed and additional outlets for a total of $985.

This gives the total add-ons for Diers Electric of $1,650.

“An uninterruptable power supply for the computers would be nice,” being a battery system backup commented Cable Director Neil Sideen.

This brought up questions about the total cost of the building and about how many more additional costs might surface by Council Member Terry Ostgulen.

“Misinformation is out there about the cost of the building,” said Mayor Gerry Smith.

City Administrator Kelly Bahn put together a list of costs involved thus far for the purchase and remodeling of the city offices and showed that the city is still $32,782 below the anticipated cost.

The original purchase cost of the building was $340,000 and the anticipated cost of remodeling was an additional $340,000 giving a total cost of $680,000 for the new city hall.

To date the cost is anticipated to be $307,558 for remodeling leaving the $32,782 left for any additional add-ons or just savings from the project.

“(This is) far less than the cost of a new building,” Smith said. The estimated cost of a new building to house the city hall is between $1,75 million and $2 million.

If there are any questions or concerns about this, Smith encouraged the public to contact him personally.

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