Herald JournalHerald Journal, July 5, 2004

Mother, daughter team up to create beauty

By Heidi Stutelberg

When nature is the inspiration for an artist, beauty can be created from the simplest of forms.

And when two artists work side by side, a mother and a daughter, the creativity from the two of them generates that beauty into the works of art they create.

Ione and Ria Roland of Ri-Creations of Mayer and New Germany, respectively, work together as a mother-daughter team creating original pottery pieces with such a rare elegance, that even one unaccustomed to fine art would appreciate its beauty.

Ria enjoys being creative and working with her mother, Ione. She has received little formal art training and is proud to be “mom-taught.”

Ione has taught ceramics around the world in countries like Australia, South America and all over the United States, including a school in New York for porcelain art. Vases, dishes, tiles, and personalized pumpkins are a few of their specialties.

The Rolands create their pieces for special holidays and events, as well, such as weddings, birthdays and memorable pieces for loved ones in the time of passing. Their pottery has been available for sale at Blanc De Blanc in Wayzata and Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recently, the Rolands began a new venture with the owner of Old World Tapestry, Marilyn Maiser in Waconia.

The mother-daughter team designs pottery pieces to coordinate with the imported tapestries sold in Maiser’s shop, at 44 West First Street across from the theater downtown. Together, they produce approximately 30 pieces a month, working on several pieces at the same time.

Ria mentioned her dad, Noel, who has also been a big help with driving and using his tool shop to make things like a self-contained sand blaster, which is located on his side of the garage.

When clients request a custom order, four to six weeks are needed. More time is needed, if for a wedding.

Most pieces start from a mold which the Rolands make or buy from a ceramics supplier. Then they roll out clay and shape it into petals to create the flowers that enhance many of their creations. The Rolands also use a technique called “slip painting” when designing custom ceramic tile.

After the scene is drawn on the tile, liquid clay is “painted” on the tile to raise the surface. Then the artists etch into the tile for depth, giving the final look a three-dimensional effect.

A unique piece of Ri-Creations, in which they depend upon nature for the mold, is a ceramic bird nest. In the fall, the Rolands look for empty bird nests.

They dip the nests into liquid clay and fire them in a kiln. What is left after the firing is a delicate ceramic nest with all the detail of the original.

Ione offered these words of wisdom: “Working with art is meant to be shared. One art leads to another art, color, dimension. No matter what art you go into, the basics are the same.”

Anyone interested in the exquisite designs of Ri-Creations may contact Ria Roland at (952) 353-2186 or ricreations@aol.com.

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